Aug 12
Participate in LOWA Security Survey 2022
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Aug 03

Coronavirus Status: 08/12/2022
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COVID-19 Community Levels: HIGH

Jul 29

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Jul 29
Annual Meeting of the Membership
Lake of the Woods Association, Inc.
September 5, 2022, at 10:00 A.M.,
Community Center
110 Sweetbriar Park Road

Zoom information available. 

Jul 12
LOWA has received the results from the latest test samples of Algae from Keaton's Lake. The algae test results received on July 11 were below VA Department of Health’s swimming advisory threshold. 

LOWA will continue to monitor the situation and will update members if the status of the lake changes. 
 LOWA Members are advised to use their own discretion when engaging swimming or water activities with their families or pets.

For more information contact Environmental Resource Manager at 540-972-2220

Jun 29

LOWA Board of Directors Candiate Bios and Interviews 
2022 Board Election 
  • Leif Henecke
  • William F. (Bill) Kay Jr. 
  • Vassa Olson 
  • Clifton D. (Cliff) Wilks  

Jun 10
Board of Directors Candidate Slate Now Official
At the June 8th Board of Directors meeting the BOD unanimously accepted the Slate of Candidates for the 2022 Board of Directors Election. 

Mar 22

Click the link above to read the AMT Lakes and Stormwater Management Plan. Member Login Required. 

Feb 16
Curious about the LOWA budget development process? Log in to the link below to view the approved budget. The new budget takes effect May 1, 2022.
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