LAKE UPDATE: Keatons Lake Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) Response REVISED Protocol


Keatons Lake Harmful Algal Bloom Response REVISED Protocol
Summary to Update:
This Revised Protocol will identify policy for the coming 2024 season including
modifications based on the lessons learned in 2023. This Protocol remains a living document
and will be updated as may be appropriate.Through the practices and guidelines listed in this protocol, The Lake of the Woods Association can minimize the risks associated with Algae and Cyanobacteria blooms and
respond as efficiently as possible. An 8 Phase approach is outlined to guide the step-by-step
process to respond to scenarios from the point we increase our monitoring and attention to
when we return to normal operations.

What Has Changed for the 2024 Season?
1. Increased the rate of monitoring to bi-weekly as water temperatures reach 70 F.
2. Based on observations made prior to Memorial Day, testing has begun. Soon after Memorial Day, weekly testing will begin.
*As of July 8, 2024, testing intervals are weekly. 

Key points that will continue:
1. Continue to work with SOLitude on methods for improving response time and shortening
advisory periods.
2. Continue to explore additional monitoring techniques and preventative tools,
methods and technology.
3. Clear communication with the community for best practices in progress and under

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