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Clubhouse Area Recreation Complex Project

The Clubhouse Area Recreation Complex Project (CARC) is a major capital project that is designed to reconstruct, renovate, update the amenities in the area of the Clubhouse. The CARC project gives our community 25 ADA-compliant parking spaces for the Clubhouse, beach, fitness center and pool. Our old beach bathrooms will be replaced and moved closer to the beach. The fifty-year old bathhouse/fitness center building will be replaced with new infrastructure that will better meet the needs of our members. The swimming pool will be replaced with a/multipurpose pool that will meet the needs of all ages, from toddlers to seniors, as well as the needs of our physically challenged members. The old snack bar for the pool will be replaced by a new snack bar serving all members using the Clubhouse beach area, not just pool users. A new basketball court will be built for our youth to replace the old court. Read the final report by clicking the link below.

>>>CARC Final Report<<<


Downey Scott Cost Estimate- February 22, 2018

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CARC Project Information Links

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Lake Currents Articles Regarding CARC

Wack General Contracting Master Schedule (updated 4/1/19)

Project Graphics & Renderings


Senior Housing Project

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Proposed senior housing project is NOT going forward.

   Conceptual Proposal Letter
   Phase 2 Senior Housing Report
   Public Summary June 12
   Senior Housing Executive Summary
   Senior Housing Finances Speadsheet
   Map of proposed housing area

Phase One Report (submitted to the Board on February 9, 2006 by the Planning Committee)

Phase Two Report (dated June 30, 2009 submitted by the Planning Committee)