Walking Paths

Lake of the Woods offers many options for fulfilling one’s outdoor exercise needs to stay fit and healthy. We have specific paths for walking; roads in each section of LOW for walking and biking; and adjoining properties for hiking. 

Lake of the Woods Walking Paths Map (all walking paths)

Tips for Walking, Biking or Hiking

Walk facing the traffic and bike with the traffic. When walking or biking on the roads within LOW, try to avoid the busiest roads such as Lakeview Parkway and Mt. Pleasant Drive. Wear light-colored clothing especially if walking or biking at night. Walking or biking at night is not recommended, but if you must, then also carry a light and use it so that vehicular traffic can see you. Reflective vests are also a good option to wear while exercising on LOW roads at night. 
Plan your trip ahead of time and let someone know where you will be and when you should return. If hiking in the wooded areas carry a cell phone and snake bite kit just in case you run into unexpected trouble.
While walking or biking on LOWA roads, always be alert to possible traffic conflicts. When walking or biking on roads with an iPod or other musical device in your ears, keep the volume low so you can hear what is going on around you.
The level or hilly roads in each section of LOW offer varying levels of difficulty. Walking within LOW can provide/offer a variety of scenic pleasures. They offer a variety of environments, such as ballgames at parks; boating on the lakes, quiet serenity of wooded areas and rolling greens and freeways of the golf course.

LOW "Off Road" Walking Paths

Lake of the Woods has several places within the common property for walking enthusiasts. Our walking paths have been developed into Core Areas. They are: Clubhouse/ Main Marina, Sweetbriar Park, Greensprings Park, Spotswood Park, the Golf Course and the various Section roads. Double click on any or all of these core areas to see a description and maps.

Main Marina/ Spotswood Park Walking Path (2.58 miles)

This path begins at the Main Marina going down the hill to the path parallel to Lakeview Parkway. Follow this path to the upper level parking lot of the Clubhouse to Lake of the Woods Parkway, across Lakeview parkway, veering to the left follow the Entrance Pond Walking path to the top of the hill to meet Lakeview Parkway. Follow the path to Spotswood park walking in a circular path around Spotswood and back to the Entrance Pond Walking Trail; veering to the left again follow the path crossing Lakeview Parkway, back to the Clubhouse going by the volleyball and basketball courts, around the point to the upper level of the dam, down the spillway to Lakeview Parkway and cross the bridge. After crossing the bridge follow the path up the hill and to the Main Marina. Variations of this path can be utilized to decrease the workout. Shortened versions can also be utilized at the walker’s desire and health and physical condition; as described below.

Main Marina/Clubhouse (1.73 miles)

This path begins in the lower level of the Clubhouse parking lot and encompasses the area around the Clubhouse, the upper and lower level of the main lake dam and up to the Maine Marina and back to the lower level of the Clubhouse Parking lot.

The recommended path to follow would be from the lower level parking area to Lake of the Woods Parkway, to the corner of Lake of the Woods Parkway and Lakeview Parkway, back to the Clubhouse volleyball and basketball courts, around Clubhouse point, to upper level of dam, down the spillway face to Lakeview Parkway, across the bridge and up the hill on the new path and back to the lower level Clubhouse parking lot.
Obviously, variations of this trail can be utilized to increase or decrease the workout. The younger group could go in reverse of the recommended path and climb the steeper grade at the dam spillway rather than walking down the grade. Shortened versions can also be utilized at the walker’s desire and health and physical condition. 
The trail in the Clubhouse area is linked to the Entrance Pond trail and the Spotswood Park trail.

Spotswood Park  (.21 Miles)

This park is part of the Main Marina/Clubhouse Core Path. The park contains playground equipment and contains the historic plantation site known as Orange Grove. Orange Grove’s founder was John Spotswood, a grandson of Gov. Alexander Spotswood. The bricks from one of the chimneys are all that remain today. A short distance away, off of Spotswood Road, is another historic site, the Spotswood Cemetery. This park will provide a nice workout, a great view of the children at play and a step back into history at the same time. The Spotswood Park Path combined with the Entrance Pond path will provide a nice workout totaling .66 miles 

Although joined, they are illustrated on separate maps so that greater detail could be provided. The three trails total almost 2.39 miles, click on the maps below.

Sweetbriar Park (.46 miles)

This park contains an asphalt walking path, World Fitness Trail, two soccer fields, a covered pavilion, children's playground, and an outdoor pool with a parking lot. The perimeter of the park contains the walking path.


The World Fitness Trail has 13 Trail Stations at Sweetbriar Park laid out over a .46 mile stretch around the soccer fields and pool. Each station has a sign posted with different fitness level instructions from easy to moderate. The trail has several health benefits as well as good parking, no auto traffic, easy access and pleasant surroundings. 

Hollyfield Park  

This park contains LOW has six lighted pickleball courts and four tennis courts with two lighted. It also has two baseball fields and the Lions Pavallion that can be rented for small gatherings. The park includes a large playground and a walking trail. 

Greensprings Park (.43 Miles)

This park contains a basketball court, playground equipment and an asphalt walking path that has been completed. This path is circular with some minor increases in grade level. This path will provide a nice workout and a great view of the children at play at the same time.

Golf Course Cart Paths (5.28 Miles)

This core trail complex has a primary purpose of supporting the golf carts while the golf course is open to play. NO WALKING/ JOGGING IS ALLOWED WHILE THE COURSE IS OPEN TO PLAY. Check with the golf Pro Shop or Lake Currents newsletter for the hours that the course is open for walking. You can walk or jog on the cart paths in the morning hours before golf play commences and after golf play closes for the day and any time during the day that the course is closed entirely for play.

Maps for Golf Course Cart Paths:

LOW Hiking Trails

National Park Service - Gordon Flank Attack Trail (2.07 Miles)

We are fortunate to have some National Park Service land adjoining Lake of the Woods, which can be used for horseback riding as well as hiking. The trail for hiking is approximately 2 miles in length. It actually begins on Route 20 at the Wilderness Park Shelter and the upper end of the trail loop touches our Equestrian Center area.

Lake of the Woods has been given permission to use the center trail as a horse trail. This trail is not a level-walking surface. It has exposed roots and rocks and is in a totally wooded area where wildlife, vermin and snakes may be seen while ticks are plentiful. All dogs must be kept on a leash at all times. This is a park rule along with state laws. No bikes are allowed on park trails. The National Park Service calls it the Gordon Flank Attack Trail. The trail passes through a maze of earthworks built at various stages of the Battle of the Wilderness, May 5-6, 1864.

While hiking in this area it would be wise to carry a cell phone and snake bite kit for the unexpected. You should visit the Chancellorsville Battlefield Visitor Center on Route 3 to get maps and pay any fees that are required for use of the park. They have several park pass fees in their fee schedule.

The Wilderness Battlefield adjoins LOW Sections 2, 4, 5 and 13 can be seen on the maps for those sections in the LOW Section Roads part of this document.

LOW "On Road" Walking Paths 

LOW has many "On Road" Walking Paths. Here are several suggested paths for walkers, bikers or runners. You should be cautious when walking/biking the roads as you must share them with vehicles. You should walk facing the traffic and bike with the traffic. You should wear clothing that makes you visible during the time of day or night that you are using the roads. It is not recommended to walk/bike during darkness; but if you must, you should carry a flashlight and wear light colored clothing.

If you walk/bike with an iPod or other musical device, turn the volume down low so that you can hear what is going on around you.