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February 21, 2024 General Managers Report


To:                  LOWA Board of Directors
From:             Phil Rodenberg, General Manager     PR
Date:               February 14, 2024
Re:                  General Manager’s Report

JANUARY FINANCIALS: In January, we collected $247,160 in FY23/24 lot assessments, for a total of $7,902,500 or 94.1% of the total lot assessments billed. This compares to total lot assessment collections of $7,402,860 or 94.1% of amounts billed in the prior fiscal year. As of January 31, the Unaudited Income Statement Budget to Actual Comparison Summary showed a unfavorable variance of $76,056. This variance resulted from favorable variances from New Construction and Renovation (NCR) Fee collections, Community Activities, Roads, and Grounds, offset by unfavorable variances in the other amenity operations. Part of the amenity unfavorable variance includes the remediation costs at Fitness Center of approximately $103,000 and $35,000 in expenses related to the Keatons Run Dam Spillway repairs.
Our delinquency rate at January 31 was 3.8% compared to 2.9% as of last January. As of February 2, 2024, all members who are not on a Director of Finance payment plan were considered past due. Late payment and interest charges have been applied to all past due account balances, follow up payment reminder and collection letters and statements continue to be sent out. The Finance Department continues to actively work to collect all remaining amounts outstanding and continues to encourage all Members who may be experiencing financial issues to contact them as soon as possible.
Department and Contractor Hann & Hann finalized the punch-list items. Next step is to complete the final inspection. Food & Beverage Director Ryan Richardson has learned that one of the fabric selections for the furniture is now out of stock, he has worked with the vendor to select a new fabric. The furniture is still on track for delivery in mid-March. The doors are still on track for installation in early March.
REFERENDUM TOWN HALL: We had an excellent turnout of members for the Town Hall with 91 in person and as many as 78 on Zoom. The next steps in communication to members is to continue Coffee and Conversation sessions and Lake Currents articles towards the Board's approval of the Referendum Questions 1, 2 and 3 legal language at the March 6 Board Meeting and launch of the Referendum voting via on March 11.
KEATONS LAKE DAM SPILLWAY PROJECT CONCLUSION: With the completion of all work and final inspection, the next step is for AMT to approve the invoice from Harbor Dredge & Dock for $26,000. LOWA Maintenance Department continued dredge operations in the vicinity of the boat launch since commencing work on February 9.
to be working with Director Kay to implement an LMIP Workshop in March. The purpose of this workshop is to develop a shared understanding of activities, problems, roadblocks, roles & responsibilities, and requirements of the LMIP Program and some typical projects.
EMAINT: On February 12-14, 12 Maintenance Department Staff and the M& E Director spent three days training on the new eMaint Maintenance Work Order System. The remote training included work order management, inventory management, workflows, email templates and reporting.
CLAM TRUCK STATUS: On February 15, preparation of the clam truck will begin at the dealership including building the subframe, prepping the hydraulics, and prepping the flatbed. The Power Take-Off (PTO) Stub is on order but is not expected to be delivered for a few more weeks. Equipment Foreman Jerry Chatham has an appointment to meet with the dealership mechanics the week of February 19 to review the work being done on the clam truck.
Meanwhile, the current clam truck is operable for dredge operations.
GOLF PRO-SHOP UPDATES: On February 10, the LOW Golf Club held the Frost Bite Open for LOW Annual Golf Members and had 34 participants, though the weather was not as frosty as members hoped. Golf Operations Manager Eric Barnes held two rules of handicapping clinics for golfers with 20 participants. Three more clinics are scheduled in February and March. Eric will also host two basic golf rules clinics in March. In total, he is expecting approximately 150 participants.
BEST OF THE BURG: LOWA’s Golf Course is a nominee for Best Overall Golf Course in the annual Best of the Burg contest sponsored by the Free Lance-Star. LOWA’s Golf Course has won Best Overall Golf Course two years in a row. To nominate:
  1. Click the link:
  2. Select Entertainment & Leisure and scroll to Best Golf Course
  1. Select/Enter Lake of the Woods and click Nominate The nominations phase is February 7 through February 28.

ROUTE 3 FENCE PROJECT: All 14 homeowners abutting the Route 3 Fence Project have now signed easement agreements with LOWA. An agreement has also been signed with O’Toole Realty for the fence project. On February 14, Contractors A&A Fencing began installation of the new fence near the Front Entrance Pond began being installed.
LOWA EMPLOYMENT HIGHLIGHTS: In the December 7 to February 9 time the head count remained steady at 140. During this period, we hired 9 new employees and lost 9 employees who terminated for various reasons. Both the Clubhouse and Fareways continue to need additional staff, especially cooks and servers. We have been actively recruiting a Capital Project Manager, Environmental Resources Manager, and Fareways Shift Supervisor.
We have received some responses and are in the process of interviewing. However, we continue to advertise to identify qualified candidates. Once the budget is approved, the HR Manager will begin recruiting for the new approved positions per the budget.
Headcount as of 2/9/24: 140
Dept New Hires: No.  
101 Administration 1
301 Equestrian - Stable Worker PT 1
303 Environmental Resources Admin. Asst. 1
401 Clubhouse - PT/FT 2
402 Fareways - PT 1
501 General Maintenance 1
503 Grounds 2
  Total 9
  Open Positions:   Status:
301 Equestrian Stable Worker PT 1 Recruiting
303 Environmental Resources Manager FT 1 Recruiting
401 Clubhouse: Line Cook/Servers PT 2 Recruiting
402 Fareways: Servers/Cooks PT 2 Recruiting
402 Fareways: Shift Supervisor FT 1 Recruiting
501 Capital Projects Manager FT 1 Recruiting
503 Groundskeeper FT 3 Recruiting
  Total 11