Welcome to Lake of the Woods

Lake of the Woods is the largest planned recreational community in Virginia.
We hope that you will appreciate all that we have to offer our members.
Each amenity is designed to help promote fun, fitness, friendship and community.

LOW Realtor’s Fall Open House
Sunday, October 7
by Brenda Rogers, Open House Coordinator
Selling your house? The LOW Realtor’s Open House will be Sunday, October 7, from noon to 4 PM. You may list your home with a Realtor or sell by owner. The Open House generally attracts a large number of perspective buyers.
The Open House begins at the Clubhouse where visitors pick up a map that includes the address and selling price of all houses on tour. Listings are placed on the wall so visitors may see details about the houses. The map helps them plan the tour of houses they want to see. Often perspective buyers are visiting Lake of the Woods for the first time. Clubhouse committee members will be available to answer questions.
Visitors are invited to return to the Clubhouse to enjoy that million dollar view. For more details, contact Brenda at 540-972-8117 or email: drogers73@msn.com.

Sponsored Realtor Listing

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