Administration Staff

Lake of the Woods operates with a paid staff headed by the General Manager, and a system of advisory committees composed exclusively of unpaid volunteer members of the Association. More than 100 members are so engaged and many serve on more than one committee. The GM is supported by a variety of administrative staff, including the Assistant GM and the Director of Finance.

All amenities, or cost centers, are managed by a Cost Center Manager who reports directly to the Office of the General Manager. The Cost Centers are: Golf, Equestrian, Campground, Maintenance, Accounting, Administration, Community Activities, Clubhouse, Pools, and Marina.


Administrative Services

The Holcomb building houses the administrative services for the Association. These services include:

Member Services
Phone: 540-972-2237 |

Member Services is your one-stop shop for all your association related administrative needs. The Holcomb Building, Member Services entrance also houses the a 24 hour self-service vestibule with brochures and forms, a payment drop box and a collection site for retiring American Flags. The reading room is located adjacent to member services and is available for members to peruse the Association's governance document archives.

  • Pay your assessment.
  • Get passes to the pools.
  • Process home sales.
  • Get photo IDs
  • Register your boat.

Communications Department
Phone: 540-972-2278 |

The Communications Department, provides a variety of media outlets so that members can get timely information about the Association, up coming events and stories about local groups and activities. The Communications Department maintains the following media formats: