Keatons Lake Harmful Algae Bloom Advisory


Keatons Lake- aka The Little Lake,  is experiencing a Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB).

People and pets should refrain from swimming, kayaking, paddleboarding or any other activity with a risk of ingesting water.

LOWA advises avoiding any surface scums you may see in the water.
Scums are bright green and tend to travel around the lake with the wind
and are often trapped in wind protected locations,
such as the back end of coves and along structures such as bulkheads.
Algae cells will travel throughout the water column, Just because you can't see it on the surface does not mean it isn't there!
Sampling results from Monday, June 24, yielded a total result of
20,100 cells/ml for three different cyanobacteria species,
all of which are toxin producers.
This level is within the treatment window of 10,000-20,000 cells/ml. 
SOLitude Lake Management has been contracted treat Keaton’s Lake. 
LOWA will resample the lake for testing approximately 48 hours after
treatment is applied. Algae cell counts must drop below 10,000 cells/ml
to return to normal operations.
Another update will be sent out once the results are received.