Top Ten Violations in LOW

As a courtesy to our members these are the most common violations that the LOWA Covenant Site Inspector sees in the subdivision. LOWA is providing these as a helpful way for members to avoid being cited for violations. For more information, contact Matilde Barone, Covenant and Site Inspector 540-972-2211.

For more information about our regulations visit our Governing Documents page:
Violation # 1
Unsightly Lot: Covenant 8 (1):
(I) All lots, whether occupied or unoccupied, and any improvements placed thereon, shall at all times be maintained in such manner as to prevent their becoming unsightly by reason of unattractive growth on such lot or the accumulation of rubbish or debris thereon.
Regulation V.D.1.
Personal property, such as lawn and garden tractors (20 hp or less), equipment, ladders, receptacles for trash, accumulations of building supplies, lumber, toys, etc., shall not be stored in the front or side yards or in an unsightly manner in back yards. It is recommended these items be stored in a basement, garage, or approved shed. Installation of any building in which to store personal property requires ECC approval.
Regulation V.F.1.c.
c. All lots, open decks, porches, docks and carports shall be maintained in a neat and orderly condition (e.g., no debris, rubbish, appliances or interior furnishings).
Violation # 2
Unlicensed/Wrecked Vehicle: Restrictive Covenant 8.A.h:
No stripped down, partially wrecked or unlicensed motor vehicle or sizeable part thereof shall be permitted to be parked on any street in the section or subdivision on any lot, unless it is parked in a completely closed garage.
Violation # 3
Commercial Vehicles: Regulation V.C.2
The vehicles and equipment listed below shall not be parked on any LOW residential lot overnight or longer except during and in connection with approved construction projects on that lot:
Regulation V.C.2d
Any truck with a utility body or vehicles with commercial markings (writing and or graphics) or with ladders or commercial equipment visible from or on the exterior of the vehicle except those housed in an ECC-approved garage or sufficiently screened from view from the street, lake and golf course. Those vehicles are in compliance if screened through the use of ECC approved covers, decorative sections of lattice, and or plants.  Blank magnetic signs may also be used to cover commercial markings while parked on any LOW residential lot to meet compliance requirements.
Regulation V.C.3
No vehicle may be parked on a LOW residential lot at any time in such a way to constitute an advertisement.
Regulation V.C.6
Official government vehicles, except for school buses, are exempt from this Regulation.
Violation # 4
Dead Tree : Regulation V.F.l.a:
Dead trees (whether standing, leaning or lying on the ground),tree cuttings, piles of underbrush, unstacked rotting or decayed logs, or any debris or items other than natural growth, must be removed.
Violation # 5
Unapproved Tree Removal:Regulation V.F.3.a:
Removal of trees six inches or greater in diameter (measured no higher than 12 inches above the ground) from any lot or parcel of land without the written approval by ECC is prohibited.
Violation # 6
Unapproved Structures: Restrictive Covenant 5 A:
All plans and specifications for any structure or improvement whatsoever to be erected on or moved upon or to any lot, and the proposed location  thereof on any lot or lots, the construction material, the roofs and exterior color schemes, any later changes or additions after initial approval thereof and any remodeling, reconstruction, alterations or additions thereto on any lot shall be subject to and shall require the approval in writing before any such work is commenced of the Environmental Control Committee (herein called “Committee”), as the same is from time to time composed.
Violation # 7
Covers: Regulation V. K:
Covers used for covering wood piles, parked cars, lumber piles, boats, lawn equipment, etc., must be in muted tones of dark green, browns, khaki, or camouflage and must be maintained in a neat and orderly condition.
Violation # 8
Illegal Signs: Restrictive Covenant, 8.A.g:
All signs, billboards, or advertising structures of any kind are prohibited except upon application to and written permission from the (Environmental Control)Committee.
Regulation V.H. 3.
Political signs: Only one political sign per candidate, no larger than 4 square feet may be displayed on any residential lot. Political signs may be displayed no earlier than six weeks prior to an election and must be removed the day after the election.
Regulation V.H. 5.
Nonprofit, Fund Raising, Informational, Organizational Signs: These signs may be temporarily placed in designated areas with written permission from the General Manager.
Violation # 9
Unregistered Yard Sales: Regulation V.M.:
  1. Yard sales shall be subject to prior notification to ECC.
  2. Residents who wish to conduct yard sales are requested to coordinate their activities with Security to assure required provisions are provided for parking, to avoid unsafe road conditions.
  3. During the yard sale, one sign no larger than one and a half (1-1/2) by two (2) feet will be allowed on the resident's property. Signs on LOW property are prohibited.
  4. Yard sales shall be limited to the resident's driveway and garage.
  5. Items hanging from trees are prohibited.
  6. Balloons and other attractions are prohibited
  7. Yard sales are limited to two (2) consecutive days, three (3) times a year per lot. Otherwise, all yard sale merchandise shall be removed from sight.
  8. Yard sales shall be limited to LOW residents and their guests. They shall not be open to the general public.
Violation # 10
Unscreened Fuel Tank: Restrictive Covenant 8.A.(i):
Every tank for the storage of fuel installed outside any building in the Section or Subdivision shall either be buried below the surface of the ground or screened to the satisfaction of the Committee by fencing or shrubbery. Every outdoor receptacle for ashes, trash, rubbish or garbage shall be installed underground, screened or so placed and kept as not to be visible from any street, lake or golf course within the Section or Sub-division at any time except during refuse collections.