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Per LOWA Admin resolution 2015-6 this web page was designed to help keep members informed about projects funded by the New Asset and Improvement Reserve (NAIR).  The purpose of the NAIR is to set aside monies to acquire new assets or to improve existing assets that are not included in the formal Reserve Study Analysis, or reflected in the accounting records of LOWA. These monies can also be used to cover the cost of significant additions to existing buildings.  

Other capital projects, such as those funded by one of the other the three funds,  Repair & Replacement Reserve (R&R), Contingency Reserve (CR), and New Construction & Renovation Fee Reserve (NCRF), may be included on this page if the LOWA Board of Directors and / or the GM deem it appropriate.

Stormwater Management

Stormwater management is an on going capital improvement program that includes multiple capital projects (including the Flatrun Forebay project and the 14th Pond Retrofit).

Additional information can be found on the Lakes Managment Implementation Plan page.

Patrick Henry Study Court Drainage Study

WEG Map Pocket C Structural Measures Stream Restoration

6/3/21 Come & Go Session Stormwater Info 

 AMT Lakes and Stormwater Management Plan

In March of 2021 the Board of Directors awarded a contract for Lakes & Stormwater Management Plan and Related Project Engineering Services to A. Morton Thomas & Associates of Richmond, Virginia. 
AMT was tasked with assessing, lake health planning aspects such as biology/fisheries/aquatic plants, as well as the stormwater management aspects. AMT also retained a golf consultant to assist with the study.  The study defines the priority projects and activities over the next 20 years.  

Key Information about the implementation plan can be found in Chapter 9. 

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