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Per LOWA Admin resolution 2015-6 this web page was designed to help keep members informed about projects funded by the New Asset and Improvement Reserve (NAIR).  The purpose of the NAIR is to set aside monies to acquire new assets or to improve existing assets that are not included in the formal Reserve Study Analysis, or reflected in the accounting records of LOWA. These monies can also be used to cover the cost of significant additions to existing buildings.  

Other capital projects, such as those funded by one of the other the three funds,  Repair & Replacement Reserve (R&R), Contingency Reserve (CR), and New Construction & Renovation Fee Reserve (NCRF), may be included on this page if the LOWA Board of Directors and / or the GM deem it appropriate.

Clubhouse Area Recreation Complex Project

 The Clubhouse Area Recreation Complex Project (CARC) is a major capital project that is designed to reconstruct, renovate, update the amenities in the area of the Clubhouse. The CARC project gives our community 25 ADA-compliant parking spaces for the Clubhouse, beach, fitness center and pool. Our old beach bathrooms will be replaced and moved closer to the beach. The fifty-year old bathhouse/fitness center building will be replaced with new infrastructure that will better meet the needs of our members. The swimming pool will be replaced with a/multipurpose pool that will meet the needs of all ages, from toddlers to seniors, as well as the needs of our physically challenged members. The old snack bar for the pool will be replaced by a new snack bar serving all members using the Clubhouse beach area, not just pool users. A new basketball court will be built for our youth to replace the old court.

April 23 CARC Info Session Q & A

Clubhouse Area Recreation Complex
Project Update

As of May 29, 2019

Project Financial Status


Project Cost Estimate (Budget):  $5,086,193

Current Funding:        
  • $458,422 – Cash allocated by Board
  • $813,278 – Year 1 ($191/lot) billed in Regular Assessment
  • $813,278 – Year 2 ($191/lot) billed in Regular Assessment
  • Up to $5 Million Mutual of Omaha Bank loan in place June 20, 2018.
Project Progress
Construction: Schedule June 2018-June 2019
  • Mechanical systems installed and operational. (New)
  • Interior finishes 95 percent complete. (New)
  • Final grading around sidewalks, pool deck, and Basketball Court. (New)
  • Installation of concrete pool deck. (New)
  • Installation of fence around pool. (New)
  • Pool play features installed. (New)
  • Total to date: $3,436,909
  • Final cleaning and walkthrough week of June 3. (New)
  • Finalize installation of gutters. (New)
  • Finalize electrical and plumbing trim out. (New)
  • Finalize installation for Pool equipment. (New)
  • Installation of concrete pool deck. (New)
  • Paving of parking lot, signage, and striping. (New)
  • Placement of new sidewalk and stair from the Clubhouse Parking Lot. (New)
  • Placement of camera poles. (New)
Communication: Second member information session held April 23, 2019 with 55 participants. The April 30, 2018 Information Session had 109 member participants.

Downey Scott Cost Estimate- February 22, 2018

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Wack General
Contracting Reports


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Lake Currents Articles Regarding CARC

Wack General Contracting Master Schedule (updated 4/1/19)

Project Graphics & Renderings



14th Pond Retrofit Project & Detours

The 14th Pond Retrofit  project is scheduled to begin February 1. When complete this project will prevent approximately 38 pounds Nitrogen per year, 5 pounds Phosphorous per year, and 4,346 pounds suspended sediment per year from reaching Keaton’s Lake.

Project Images

Former Pond

Proposed New Pond (Rendering)



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2017 LOW Golf Nutrient Managment Plan

Golfers will be required to bypass the 14th hole. The following detours will be in place for golfers:
After Golfers have completed Hole 13 they will proceed to Tallwood Trail.
Golfers will turn left onto Tallwood Trail and follow the signs to Birdie Road.
Golfers will turn right onto Birdie Road and follow the sign to Westover Parkway.
Golfers will turn right onto Westover Parkway and follow the signs to Hole 15 tees.
Golfers will turn left onto the cart path leading to Hole 15 tees.