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Recent News

Sep 30

Coronavirus Status: 09/30/2

COVID-19 Community Levels:Medium

  • If you are at high risk for severe illness, talk to your healthcare provider about whether you need to wear a mask and take other precautions
  • Stay up to date with COVID-19 vaccines
  • Get tested if you have symptoms
  • Members and employees are welcome to wear masks if they prefer, and all at LOWA are to respect those who wish to do so.
Sep 26
Planning Committee Town Hall
on Five-Year Capital Plan
Tuesday, Sept. 27
7 PM, Clubhouse
Presentation on capital projects under consideration for inclusion in the
2023 Annual Budget and the 2023-2027 Capital Spending Plan.
Sep 23

Keaton's Lake remains under a Harmful Algae Bloom Advisory
No swimming or water activities for people or pets at Keaton's Lake.

LOWA’s contractor, SOLitude Lake Management treated the lake with algaecide today, Friday, September 23. Solitude will be back on October 3 to conduct the second treatment. A couple of days after the second treatment LOWA and Solitude will assess the lake’s condition and decide if another treatment is required.

LOWA will update members when tests indicate levels have returned to the safe swimming and water activities threshold.

For questions contact the Environmental Resources Manager at

For questions contact the Environmental Resources Manager at 540-972-2220 

Events & Meetings

Lake of the Woods hosts the events below each year.
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  • Real Estate Open House (May & October)
  • Summer Concert Series (May - August)
  • Independence Day Event (July)
  • Schutzenfest (October)
  • Treats on the Point (October)
  • Annual Holiday Open House (December)
  • Tree Lighting (December)
  • Christkindlemarkt (December)

LOWA Board meetings are available for members to participate via Zoom. Some committees meetings may also be available via  Zoom. To access the Zoom information, log in to and then view the appropriate meeting agenda.

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