Feb 09
GM Presents LOWA  FY18 Budget on January 31, Board reveiws FY18 Budget on February 3 ton include CARC Assesment.

Jan 17
Board Approves Loan Application

Jan 06
On January 6, the Board voted to make the project construction area available for 12 months, beginning May 1, 2018. 

Oct 07

Board approves the final design features of the Clubhouse Area Recreation Complex Projects

Oct 07
Board Adopts Board Goals to include CARC Project

May 17
The LOWA Board of Directors voted May 17 to approve the conceptual site plan for the Clubhouse Area Recreation Complex.

Mar 04
 Motion by Cumming, passed unanimously, that the Board award a contract to RRMM Lukmire Architects of Arlington, VA.

Jan 17
Board approved the "Must Haves" for the Clubhouse Area Recreation Complex. Must haves were amended 03/04/17.

Jan 07
Board votes to not pursue the option of moving the Fitness center to the Campground.

Nov 30
Board Votes that LOWA Replace the Clubhouse Pool and Pool Building
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