More than 200 LOWA members serve on 21 standing committees. These volunteers donate their time and experiences, monitor, maintain and improve the infrastructure and amenity programs throughout our community, enforce our Restrictive Covenants and Regulations and carry out projects to support the work of the General Manager and the Board of Directors. The BOD authorizes ad hoc and special committees as needed.

Committee meetings are open to all LOWA members and tenants. Committee membership is restricted to LOW property owners, although tenants may serve as non-voting members. Members serve three-year terms. Most committees consist of five to seven voting members with alternates and advisors as requested by the Chair, and each has an assigned BOD liaison. New officers are elected yearly when the committees reconstitute. If you have an interest in committee work, submit an Application for Committee Membership or pick one up from the LOWA Receptionist at the Holcomb Building. Volunteers are always needed.

Committees who have submitted approved meeting minutes can be read online. Click on the committee name below to take you to the committee page. On each page are the committee's minutes.

Function of a Board Liaison to Committees.

The function of a Board Liaison to committees is to:

  • Promote effective communication between the advisory committees and the Board.
  • Communicate the goals and objectives of the Board to the committees
  • Foster a collaborative working relationship between committee members, management and the Board
  • Monitor the progress of the committee towards achieving their goals as defined in their respective Committee Charters
  • The Liaison may join in discussions during the meeting by offering his or her own opinion but not that of the Board
  • Any statement presented to the committee, on behalf of the Board, must be supported by documentation from the Board
  • Liaisons are expected to report regularly to the Board and community any information that is related to all their committees' activities and recommendations

Roberts Rules of Order

While it is not a requirement that committees follow Robert's Rules of Order in conducting meetings, it is a recommended method for managing meetings. Visit the Robert's Rules of Order web site for information.

Current 2016-2017 Advisory Committees

Ad Hoc Clubhouse Area Recreation Complex Finance Committee

Chair: Bob Hoh

Ad Hoc LOWA 50th Anniversary
Chair: Jon Anderson

Ad Hoc Pool/Fitness Center
Disbanded by Board in August 2016
Chair: Cliff Wilks

Board of Examiners
Chair: Jon Anderson
Board Liaison: Bob Hoh

Chair: Kathy Merritt
Board Liaison: Carl Clawson

Chair: Kerry Sipe
Board Liaison: Jennifer Zukowski

Community & Youth Activities
Board Liaison: Jeff Johnson

Chair: Lisa Mickinney
Board Liaison: Jennifer Zukowski

Environmental Control
Chair: Mike Musatow
Board Liaison: Larry Morlan

Equestrian Center
Chair: Gigi Winslet
Board Liaison: Cliff Wilks

External Affairs
Chair: Doug Rogers
Board Liaison: Leighton Cumming

Chair: Olive Kelly
Board Liaison: Bob Hoh

Chair: Donna Price
Board Liaison: Jeff Johnson

Chair: Earl Porter
Board Liaison: Bob Hoh

Honor Awards
Chair: Joyce Morlan
Board Liaison: Larry Morlan

Chair: William Lukaczyk
Board Liaison: Jennifer Zukowski

Legal & Compliance
Chair: Gary Reese
Board Liaison: Carl Clawson

Maintenance & Ecology
Chair: Michael Tait
Board Liaison: Cliff Wilks

Chair: Ken Tillman
Board Liaison: Leighton Cumming

Chair: Tom Sheridan
Board Liaison: Carl Clawson

Chair: Rich Kunka
Board Liaison: Leighton Cumming

Chair: Jim Hopkins
Board Liaison: Cliff Wilks

Safety & Security
Chair: John Bell
Board Liaison: Jeff Johnson

Chair: Arthur Devens
‚ÄčBoard Liaison: Leighton Cumming

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