For the sake of all who live in the community please voluntarily restrict your household guests. Thank you!

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Community Access and Visitor Management System Update

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Additional Information About the TEKWave System

Existing members who have a valid email address on file, should have received an email from TEKWave Solutions with a registration code and a link to set up your accounts. New homeowners / members will receive and email upon completion of the closing packet and account set up with Member Services.

If you have not received the registration e-mail from TEKWave please check your spam filters to make sure they e-mail was not captured there. If after checking your spam filters you still have not received the e-mail, please send an e-mail to and we will have the e-mail sent again. 

TEKControl Member How To Guide & Video

Click here to download the PDF Resident Training Guide.

Which App Should I Use

Apple: TEKControl Visitor Management 
Android: TEKControl Visitor Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did we move to TEKControl?
        We took on this project to replace DwellingLive, PremiSYS, and the System Galaxy systems with one, unified access control system for several reasons.  This change will enable us to (1) expand front gate check-in capabilities and efficiencies, (2) provide you card access to all Community amenities, and (3) use license plate recognition technology at both the front and back gates.
What can I do with TEKControl?
        TEKControl is the tool you should use to manage guest and household access to LOWA.  The application can be used to schedule temporary and permanent guest access, schedule access for parties and personal events, provide information about members of your household including pets, and alert Security when you plan to be absent from your home for an extended period of time.  You can even send your guests temporary e-passes for faster entry and get text alerts when they arrive.

When will I be able to access TEKControl system?
        You will be able to access TEKControl on July 23, 2019, in the mean time you should keep using dwellingLive. 
        You will be receiving two e-mails: One from the LOWA Management Team and a second from TekWave, the company that supports the TEKControl Visitor Management System applications.  These two e-mails will include more System details and instructions for you and members of your household to set up an account, download the app, and begin using the TEKControl applications. Please note that TekWave will be sending registration information to Members, Co-Owners, Co-Habitants, Dependents, Blood Relatives, and Tenants.
 Once I complete my registration on TEKControl, what should I do?
Once you are registered on TEKControl, you will need to re-enter all of your guest information – permanent and temporary – into TEKControl as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, due to timing and some technical issues, we were not able to migrate guest information between the two systems as we had hoped. 
Please also take time to explore the system and test out some of its new features.  And remember to download the TEKControl app to your smart phone for additional feature options.
When should I stop using the Dwelling Live System?
        You should stop using Dwelling Live on July 23.
How do I access the TEKControl system?
        Access to TEKControl portal will be available beginning July 23 via the web browser or an app.  You will need a computer or other device with browser capabilities and an Internet connection.  There is also a mobile app available for download. Your user name will be your email address.
Can I access TEKControl from my phone?
        You can find and download the TEKControl Visitor Management App at the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Please note that the mobile app features may differ from the web browser. The mobile app is ideal for adding guests while on the go, to use the full version of the web browser visit the web browser via the link above.

 Additional Information

If a member has a vehicle that is not compatible with barcodes (like a motorcycle) will the License Plate Reader (LPR) work to control the gate in lieu of a barcode?

At this time, the system is not designed for the LPR to operate the gate. The intention of the LPR is for use in security enforcement of trespassing and in other circumstances.

Will TEKControl affect my barcode?

The barcode system has already transitioned to the new TEKWave software. LOWA barcodes will not be affected by the transition on July 23.

Can e-passes be used in the barcode lane?
E-passes, issued by the TEKControl System cannot be used in the barcode lane, they can only be used in the visitor lane.