You Have Spoken… 2019 LOWA Member Survey Results


The 2019 Member Survey conducted by the Planning and Communications Committees was completed on May 30, and this article presents the results.

The charters of the two committees direct them to conduct Member Surveys. Previous surveys were completed in 2014 and 2007. The results of the 2014 survey are posted on the Planning Committee page of the website.

The 2019 Member Survey is a joint action of the Planning and Communications committees, supported by the Communications Director. This survey was designed to update LOWA member demographics as well as to gather member opinions on several subjects. A joint working group from both committees (1) developed questions which maintained continuity with past survey while gaining additional useful information, (2) recommended allowing more than one response per Lot (based on Member ID number), (3) viewed this survey process as a basis for future targeted surveys, and (4) maintained respondent anonymity during the analysis of results. Many of the questions were based on previous LOWA and national community association surveys. A joint session of the two committees finalized the survey questions and parameters, and submitted them to the Board for approval, recommending that only Members be surveyed this time. The LOWA Board approved the survey at the March 20 Board Meeting, the April 5 Lake Currents announced the survey, and the Administration conducted the survey from April 1 to May 1.

This year, online surveys were emphasized, but paper surveys were available. In total, Members submitted 741 responses, of which 33 (4 percent) were written. This year multiple responses per lot were allowed, and 680 of 4257 (16 percent) lots responded, a response rate similar to the 2014 survey.
The results mirror earlier survey results in terms of demographics, ranking of amenities, and overall satisfaction with the community and its governance. LOWA members continue to be happy with the overall appearance of our community, with 94 percent of the respondents indicating they were between somewhat proud and extremely proud. 74 percent of the members think the Board of Directors is usually or always striving to serve the best interests of LOW, and 80 percent think the Administrative staff provides value and support to the community. In a 13 percent improvement from the 2014 survey, 84 percent of the members feel very safe and secure at LOW.

A clear majority of members get their information from the Lake Currents newsletter, followed by the website and LOWA generated emails. Members indicated an improvement in LOWA’s success in keeping Members informed about issues and activities, with either very good (38 percent) or good (34 percent) ratings, an improvement of more than 5 percent overall.

Members rated the following as the top-10 amenities in terms of value to the overall community and property values: Area 9.9 (Yard Waste Disposal), Community Pools, Parks, Marinas, Walking & Exercise Trails, Community Center, Clubhouse Restaurant, Playgrounds, Café, and the Fitness Center. Responding to a new question, Members indicated they use the following 10 amenities the most: Fareways Café, Boating on either lake (any type of boat), Clubhouse Restaurant, Area 9.9, Community Center, Walking Trails, Parks, Clubhouse Members Lounge, Beaches, and the Fitness Center. Members rated 8 items that could potentially improve our community.

This year the survey also gathered information on internet service at LOWA. Finally, Members provided 603 comments that fell into 39 categories. A large number of Members expressed concern about ineffective enforcement of ECC regulations, and many Members were concerned about drainage issues, the amount of the annual assessment, and lax security (access) within LOWA.

A complete summary of the survey results is available on the Planning Committee as well as below.

Survey Power Point Summary
Comments Summary