Update Regarding Financial Investigation 11/27/2018


The following information is being provided to our membership as an update on the status of the financial investigation relating to the personnel matter and financial irregularities that were brought to light during our audit process, first reported on August 31, 2018. (All files below require member login).

From inception of this matter, the LOWA Board, management team, Forensus and LOWA’s counsel have been working in full cooperation with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and Commonwealth’s Attorney and was poised to communicate all of this information after it had been reviewed and approved by the Commonwealth’s Attorney.  The Sheriff’s Office issued its first Press Release on the matter midday on November 27, 2018 prior to LOWA’s release as a result of its receipt of a Freedom Of Information Request about the investigation.

(All files below require member login).
Letter to the Membership from LOWA President Clifton D. Wilks
Summary Report Findings Financial Investigation
Financial Investigation FAQ
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