Take the 2019 LOWA Member Survey


The 2019 LOWA Member Survey is now available for Member response. This survey is designed to update LOWA Member demographics, as well as to gather Member opinions on several subjects. Survey questions address topics such as communication to members, value of amenities, security within LOWA, and general community-wide issues. All registered Members can submit individual responses (each lot can submit as many surveys as are formally registered with LOWA and have a LOWA ID card).

The survey will give our community leaders a better understanding of the opinions and concerns of LOW members. We will also use the survey to guide LOWA planning to ensure that our community improvements and maintenance accommodate Member needs. The results of this survey will be published in Lake Currents, and the Planning Committee will present the results to the Board of Directors.

Select either the online version or the paper version.
Submit just one survey per member.


Click Here to Take the Survey Online

Click Here for a Printable Version of the Survey

Members may also pick up and return a paper copy at the Holcomb building.