State of the Lakes: No Algae Concerns


LOWA Management has received a number of inquiries from members in response to several news articles regarding toxic blue-green algae affecting bodies of water outside of Lake of the Woods.

We would like members to know that we monitor the water conditions in both lakes regularly. We have not had a harmful level algae bloom this summer.

When an algae bloom is present, we sample the water and have it tested. If levels are found to be above recommended threshold levels for safe swimming/water activities, we would then advise members to avoid such activities and have the lake treated with appropriate type and concentration of algaecide. If such an alert was required, we would alert members via email, text message, Facebook and post a notice on

Members are encouraged to make certain that their contact information is up-to-date with LOWA. If you need to update your email address, then send us your information (name, member number, and email) to

Members can also sign up for text message alerts. More info is available at

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