RFP: Gate Access Control/Visitor Management System


Request for Proposals
Gate Access Control/Visitor Management System
Issue Date: November 19, 2018
Closing Location:
Lake of the Woods Association
102 Lakeview Parkway
Locust Grove, VA 22508
Closing Date and Time:
Bids must be received at Lake of the Woods Association before 2:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time on January 18, 2019.
Point of Contact:
Phillip L. Rodenberg, CMCA®, AMS®, PCAM®
General Manager

The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to solicit sealed proposals from qualified providers for services under contract with Lake of the Woods Association Inc. herein called LOWA, to replace current DwellingLIVE, PremiSYS, and System Galaxy software package with one unified software system that will enable Lake of the Woods Association to (1) expand front gate check-in capabilities and efficiencies, (2) access at other Lake of the Woods Association amenities, and (3) use the license plate recognition technology at Front and Back Gates.
  1. OVERVIEW        
Lake of the Woods Association, Inc., (LOWA) a large-scale, gated community association of 4,257 private home lots and over 8,000 residents. The Association is a self-managed community with its own Maintenance Department to maintain roads, lakes, dams, parks, buildings and grounds.  As a residential and recreational community. LOWA offers a wide range of amenities including two lakes, a USGA golf course with pro shop and casual restaurant, Clubhouse restaurant, outdoor swimming pools, tennis/pickleball courts, parks, walking/fitness paths, and more.   
LOWA operates two security gates known as the Front Gate (aka Main Gate) and Back Gate. Members, registered tenants, and their households are provided barcode access to Lake of the Woods through the Main Gate at Lake of the Woods Way at its intersection with Germanna Highway (Virginia Route 3) and Back Gate (Route 601). Entrance at the Main Gate is also provided for their nonregistered family, guests and contractors with the member’s or tenant’s authorization and proper identification.
LOWA is constructing and will operate a new 4,400 square foot Fitness Center at the Clubhouse Complex.  The Fitness Center requires a separate membership, and members are required to show provide proof of membership before entry.  The internal door at the Fitness Center front desk will have the capability to allow entry with a barcoded ID card or similar device.
LOWA provides contract security services (currently Allied Universal Security Services) 24 hours a day year round.
Click here to view the LOWA Regulation II Admittance to LOWA

LOWA sets forth the following requirements for the unified software system.  Exceptions to these requirements must be noted in the proposal.
  1. The responding firm shall propose an offering of hardware, software, licenses, training and ongoing support for LOWA to efficiently operate the following facilities beginning with “go live” no later than April 5, 2019:
  1. Front Gate Operations
    1. Access Control
    2. Visitor Management
    3. License Plate Recognition
      1. Visitor Lane
      2. Member Lane
      3. Exit Lane
  2. Back Gate Operations
    1. Access Control
    2. License Plate Recognition
      1. Entry Lane
      2. Exit Lane
  3. Fitness Center Member Access
    1. Swipe card, barcode or similar reader to allow entry of those paying for the use of the amenity
  4. Ability to expand the system to control access at other Amenities including the Swimming Pools and Pickleball/Tennis
  1. System Requirements
    • Must be compatible with and work with JONAS
    • Seamless Transition
    • Minimal additional hardware required
    • Cloud Based System
    • System Security
      • Meet Industry Protocol Protect Personally Identifying Information
      • No sharing or resale of PII
  1. User Requirements
C1.Visitor Management – Front Gate
  • Online Access for Members
  • Guest History ( At least 365 days)
  • Restrict Guests
  • Mobile App
  • Ability to send electronic passes (QR codes) from computer or smartphone
  • 24/7 Support Including Hardware
  • Ability to import a Party List
  • Tenant Access
  • Barred from Entry List (Entered into LPR)
  • Confirmation Code
  • Four Levels of Control (Member, Security, Administrative, Facility)
  • Use Friendly Layout for Security for Efficiency (Ex. finding Confirmation Code)
  • All properties and amenities must be listed in the system
  • Searchable by Property Address
  • Searchable by LOWA Section and Lot
  • Searchable by Member Name or Guest Name
  • Ability for Security to Make Notes on Individual Accounts
  • Scheduling a Guest Should Take 20 Seconds or Less
  • System Refresh Should Be 5 minutes of less after Entering Guests Into System
C2. Access Control – Front Gate and Amenity
  • Able to Control Access for Members, Guests, Employees
  • Reports
  • Expandable
  • Customizable Including Duration of Pass
  • Date/Time/Restrictions
  • Bar Code (Vehicle) / RF Chip (Member Cards)
  • Maintenance Support
  • Mobile Unit / Portable Printer for Dash Tags
  • Photo ID  System
  • Access Control at Pools
  • Access Control at Fitness Center
C3. License Plate Reader – Front and Back Gate
  • All 5 Lanes
  • Day/Night/All Weather Conditions
  • “Flood Search” Database
  • Mobile Reader Option
  • Kept on Separate Database
  • Ability to share License Plate Reader Information with law enforcement

    1. The firm hired to provide a Gate Access Control/Visitor Management system shall execute a written agreement with the LOWA to perform the Gate Access Control/Visitor Management System services.
    1. Reponses shall include any certificates/licenses required to perform the duties specified.
  1. RFP Response: The firm’s proposal shall include: One (1) manually signed original and three (3) copies of the proposal must be submitted to LOWA as a complete sealed proposal. Proposals shall be submitted in two (2) separate volumes: technical proposal and cost/price proposal.
    1. One (1) hard copy must be clearly marked original and (3) hard copies must be clearly marked copy will be received by the LOWA General Manager, Lake of the Woods Association Office Building, 102 Lakeview Parkway Locust Grove, VA 22508, until January 18, 2019 by 2:00 p.m. local time.
    2. All proposals shall be marked: Gate Access Control/Visitor Management System
  2. Responsible Offeror: Lake of the Woods Association retains the right to accept any and all offers and to determine what constitutes a “Responsible Offeror.”
  3. The complete sealed proposal shall be submitted to the Lake of the Woods Association General Manager’s Office at 102 Lakeview Parkway, Locust Grove, VA 22508.  No other distribution of the proposal shall be made by the Offeror.
  4. Proposal Preparation:
    1. Proposals shall be signed by a Principal, or an authorized representative of the Offeror. All information requested should be submitted. Failure to submit all information requested may result in the LOWA requiring prompt submission of missing information and/or giving a lowered evaluation of the proposal. Proposals which are substantially incomplete or lack key information may be rejected by the LOWA.
    2. Proposals should be prepared simply and economically, providing a straightforward, concise description of capabilities to satisfy the requirements of the RFP. Emphasis should be placed on completeness and clarity of content.
    3. Proposals should be organized in the order in which the requirements are presented in the RFP. All pages of the proposal should be numbered.
    4. As used in this RFP, the terms "must", "shall", "should” and “may” identify the criticality of requirements. "Must" and "shall" identify requirements whose absence will have a major negative impact on the suitability of the proposed solution. Items labeled as "should" or “may” are highly desirable, although their absence will not have a large impact and would be useful, but are not necessary.
    5. Ownership of all data, materials, and documentation originated and prepared for the LOWA pursuant to the RFP shall belong exclusively to the LOWA.
    6. All costs of proposal preparation and presentation shall be borne by each Offeror. The LOWA is not liable for any cost incurred by the Offeror prior to issuance of a contract.
  1. LOWA anticipates the following procurement schedule:
Release of RFP                             November 19, 2018
Mandatory Site Visit                     December 3-14
Submit Questions                          December 14 *
Responses to Questions                December 21
Proposals due                                January 18, 2019
Interviews                                     January 21-25
Award/Notice to Proceed             February 2
Go Live on or before                    April 5, 2019
*Direct all questions to IT Coordinator Patrick O’Loughlin at Poloughlin@LOWA.org
  1. General
    1. Lake of the Woods Association will utilize qualifications based selection. The successful firm shall demonstrate its understanding of the project, its ability to meet the technical and administrative requirements, and its ability to provide sufficient qualified staff to maintain the project schedule in a cost efficient manner.
    2. LOWA reserves the sole right to reject any and all Proposals deemed not responsive; to negotiate with qualified contractors, or to cancel this RFP in part or in its entirety.
    3. This RFP does not commit LOWA to award a contract(s) or pay any costs incurred in the preparation of a proposal in response to this request.
    4. LOWA requires a site visit to ensure an understanding of operations.
    5. RFPs shall be received no later than 2:00 pm local time on January 18, 2019. Proposals will not be opened publicly.
  2. Submitter Responsibilities
    1. Proposal Certification, Verification, and Signature.
    2. Unsigned proposals will be eliminated.
    3. It is the sole responsibility of the Offeror to assure that they have received the entire Request for Proposal.
    4. The RFP and any addenda may be secured by contacting the LOWA General Manager’s Office.
    5. Offerors are expected to examine all special provisions, specifications, schedules and instructions included in this request. Failure to do so will be at the proposer’s risk.
    6. No proposal will be considered which modifies, in any manner, any of the provisions, specifications, or minimum requirements set forth in this RFP.
  3. Proposal Format
    1. The Offeror shall prepare the proposal as set forth below. The titles and contents of the section shall be as defined in this section. Sections I, II, III, V, and VI shall be submitted as Volume I. Section IV shall be submitted in separate binding as Volume II.
Section I                        Cover Section
Section II                       Executive Summary
Section III                      Technical Response
Section IV                     Cost/Price Proposal (Volume II, Separate)
Section V                       Contract Documentation
Section VI                     Relevant Past and Present Performance
  1. Cost or Pricing Information – All cost or pricing information shall be addressed ONLY in the Cost/Price Proposal Section.
  2. Abbreviations and Acronyms – Explain any abbreviations and acronyms used.
  3. Page Size and Format – Page size shall be 8.5 x 11 inches.  Text size shall be no less than 12 point. Pages will be numbered sequentially by section.
    • Cover Page
    • Full proposal name
    • Submission date and time
    • Firm Name
    • Name and contact information for the single point of contact for all phases of the project, if different than the Proposer
    • A cover letter highlighting any special features of the Proposal and signed by the Offeror
    • Offeror shall provide a company overview as part of the proposal:
    • Brief (one or two paragraphs) description of the firm business, its history and future plans
    • Corporate name
    • Corporate address
    • Telephone numbers
    • Contact person(s)
    • Firm size
    • Number of years in business
    • Federal Identification Number
In the executive summary, the Offeror shall provide the following information:
Narrative Summary - A concise narrative summary of the entire proposal, including significant risks, and a highlight of any key or unique features, excluding cost/price. The salient features should tie in with Section I evaluation factors/sub factors. Any summary material presented here shall not be considered as meeting the requirements for any portions of other sections of the proposal.
    1. The Technical Response Section should be specific and complete. Your responses will be evaluated against the criteria defined in Evaluation Criteria Section for award. All the requirements specified in the solicitation are mandatory. By your proposal submission, you are representing that your firm will perform all the requirements specified in the solicitation.
    2. Format and Specific Content - Technical Response. In this section address your proposed approach to meeting the requirements listed in the Scope of Service and Job Responsibilities sections, as well as risks in your proposal in terms of project capability/performance, cost and/or schedule.
    3. Personnel and Staffing: Personnel Qualifications and Experience should be detailed as part of the Technical Response. Include resumes for all personnel and subcontractors to be assigned to this project.
    4. Will all of the services proposed by your company be performed by its own salaried personnel? If the answer is in the negative, please explain in what manner another firm will perform these services.
    5. Address your firm’s motivation for being involved in this project and the priority this project will be assigned relevant to other commitments.
    6. The Technical Proposal Section shall be organized to the following general outline:
      1. Technical Response to Scope of Services and Job Responsibilities
      2. Resumes and Responses Personnel and Staffing
    1. Only one copy of the Cost/Price proposal shall be submitted in the "Original Copy".
    2. Additional copies of the proposals shall not contain copies of the Cost/Price proposal.
    3. Provide a breakdown of all costs into logical categories such as hardware, software, licenses, training and ongoing support.
    1. The purpose of this section is to provide information to the LOWA for preparing the contract document and supporting file. The Offeror’s proposal shall include:
    2. Special Requirements – Required Licenses or Certifications. The Offeror shall include copies of any licenses and/or certifications that are required to perform any of the work required by this RFP. If no licenses and/or certifications are required, the Offeror is not required to make reference to this subsection.
    3. Exceptions to Terms and Conditions – Exceptions taken to the requirements and contract terms and conditions.  Provide rationale in support of the exception and fully explain its impact, if any, on the performance, schedule, cost and specific requirements of the solicitation. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions of the solicitation may result in the Offeror being removed from consideration for award.
    4. Authorized Offeror Personnel – Provide the name, title, telephone number and e-mail address of the company point of contact regarding decisions made with respect to your proposal and who can obligate your company contractually. Also identify those individuals authorized to negotiate with the LOWA.
    5. Subcontracting Plan – If the Offeror intends on using subcontractors a Subcontracting Plan must be included in this section. The Subcontracting Plan shall include a detailed explanation of the work to be subcontracted and the percentage of that work to the total project for each proposed subcontractor. LOWA reserves the right to approve or disapprove of any subcontracting plan. All subcontractors must adhere to LOWA insurance requirements as written in Section VII.
    1. General – Each Offeror shall submit a past and present performance section with its proposal, containing past performance information.
    2. Relevant Contracts – Submit Past Performance Information on (3) three recent contracts that you consider most relevant in demonstrating your ability to perform the proposed effort.
    3. Note that the LOWA generally will not consider performance on a newly awarded contract without a performance history or on an effort that concluded more than three years prior to this source selection.
  1. Proposals will be evaluated in accordance with applicable Lake of the Woods Association procurement policies and procedures. Evaluation will be performed to determine the Offeror's understanding of work to be performed, technical approach, and potential for completing the work as specified in the Statement of Needs, cost reasonableness, the probable cost to the LOWA, and ranking with competing Offeror's.
Award will be made to that responsible Offeror(s), whose offer(s), conforming to this RFP, is (are) considered best value to the LOWA, considering the Evaluation Criteria in this Section.
Criteria Maximum Points
Technical Response 50
Relevant past & present performance with similar contracts 10
Cost/Price 40
Total 100
    1. Project capability/technical aspects of proposals will be evaluated in accordance with the following criteria, which are listed in descending order of importance.
    2. Conformance with RFP guidelines and detailed submittal requirements.
    3. Proposals will be evaluated considering the extent of the Offeror's understanding of the need(s) or problem(s) its proposed solution will address and the soundness and likelihood of success of the proposed effort in meeting the objectives stated in the RFP.
    4. Proposals will be evaluated on the reasonableness of proposed labor hours, labor categories, travel, consultants, and subcontractors.
    5. Proposals will be evaluated considering the Offeror's technical and managerial experience, qualifications, and the availability of personnel who are proposed to work on the project; project organization and management structure; and prior experience in managing projects similar in type, technology, size and complexity.
    6. Proposals will be evaluated considering the motivation of the Offeror for being involved in the proposed effort and the priority of the proposed effort relevant to other commitments.
    1. Assessment of the Offeror's past & present performance will be one means of evaluating the credibility of the Offeror's proposal and the relative capability to meet performance requirements.
    2. In assessing the experience of the project management company, the LOWA may consider factors such as its private sector presence, recent increases in new customers, depth of its consulting staff, and other factors.
    3. Throughout the process, the LOWA will take into consideration any additional information supplied by the proposals regarding project management and project staffing.
    1. Cost Proposals will be evaluated with respect to adequacy and reasonableness. This evaluation will include consideration of the probable cost to the LOWA of doing business with each Offeror; the possible growth in proposed costs during the course of the contract; the features of each Offeror's work plan that could cause the estimate cost to vary; and cost-sharing, if proposed. If after the evaluation of technical proposals, two or more competing overall proposals are considered in the competitive range, the evaluated probable cost to the LOWA may be a deciding factor for selection. That is, the highest technical proposal may not necessarily be selected when cost considerations are taken into account.
    2. Only one copy of the Cost/Price proposal shall be submitted in the "Original Copy". Additional copies of the proposals shall not contain copies of the Cost/Price proposal.
    3. Cost of consulting services. Briefly describe implementation / consulting services related to the proposed implementation time line.
  1. AWARD OF CONTRACT: Procurement of professional services. The LOWA shall engage in individual discussions with two or more Offerors deemed fully qualified, responsible and suitable on the basis of initial responses, and with professional competence to provide the required services. Repetitive informal interviews are permitted. Offerors shall be encouraged to elaborate on their qualifications, performance data, and staff expertise relevant to the proposed contract. At the conclusion of the informal interviews, on the basis of evaluation factors published in the Request for Proposal and all information developed in the selection process to this point, the LOWA shall rank, in the order of preference, the interviewed Offerors whose professional qualifications and proposed services are deemed most meritorious.
1. The LOWA reserves the right to make multiple contract awards. 
2. No work shall begin on the project prior to receipt of a signed contract from the LOWA.
  1. FEES:
Proposers must submit a breakdown of all costs into logical categories such as hardware, software, licenses, training and ongoing support. These costs will be used by the LOWA in arriving at the fees.
Term of initial contract is three (3) years, automatically renewable for one year terms with 60-day notification for termination. This shall be referred to as the "Contract Term."
Contractor shall secure, pay the premiums for, and keep in force, until the expiration of agreement, insurance in such amounts and written by companies acceptable to LOWA and in the dollar amounts hereinafter specified or as required by law, whichever is greater.
  1. Workers Compensation in amounts and with coverage as required by all applicable laws.
  1. Comprehensive General Liability (or Blanket Liability) including Contractual Liability. Lake of the Woods Association, Inc. shall be named as additional insured
    1. Bodily Injury Liability; At least $500,000 each person; $1,000,000 each occurrence.
    2. Property Damage Liability; at least $1,000,000 each accident
  1. Comprehensive Automobile Liability Insurance including coverage for owned, non -owned and hired vehicles
  1. Bodily Injury Liability; At least $500,000 each person; $1,000,000 each occurrence
  2. Property Damage Liability; At least $500,000 each occurrence
A certificate of insurance, in form and content acceptable to LOWA shall be submitted to the General Manager prior to the commencement of any work under this agreement. The Contractor shall promptly notify LOWA of any material change in such coverage, including, without limitation, changes in coverage, limits, exclusions, any cancellations, etc., and shall immediately furnish to LOWA copies of any changes, endorsements, or notices with the respect to the same.