RFP For Security Services at Lake of the Woods Facilities and Properties


Request for Proposals 
Security Services at Lake of the Woods Facilities and Properties
Issue Date: November 7, 2023
Lake of the Woods Association (LOWA) is seeking proposals from qualified and experienced uniformed security service providers for the performance of security services at LOWA facilities and properties as delineated within this Request for Proposals (RFP).  LOWA desires to sign a three-year security services contract with the option of two, 1-year extensions with the Contractor offering LOWA the best value, which is a combination of price, qualifications and relevant experience. This RFP establishes the minimum requirements a Contractor must meet to be eligible for consideration of a contract, and delineates information to be included in the Contractor’s response.  The Contractor must protect, defend, hold harmless and indemnify LOWA.  The Contractor is responsible for careful examination of any and all specifications, conditions and limitations of this RFP, including information included in the following:
LOWA reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal or all proposals.  It is LOWA’s decision regarding each Contractor’s eligibility, based on the criteria outlined within this RFP.  LOWA’s decision is final and is not subject to review.
Appendix 6: Cost Proposal Form
The information contained in this RFP, and in Appendix 2 (Post Orders) is confidential and proprietary.  This RFP and Appendices 1-6 are provided for the exclusive use of the Contractor and copies shall not be made available to any other party, without written consent from LOWA.  No other distribution of submissions or proposals is to be made by the Contractor.  All proposals and supporting documentation will become the property of LOWA and will not be returned.
Listed below are the tentative dates and times for the procurement process.  LOWA may change any of the dates or times, if necessary, to complete the process. 
November 7, 2023 RFP Issue Date 
November 13 – December 1 Contractor Site Visits (Mandatory)
December 4 Deadline for Questions
December 8 LOWA Response to Questions
December 12 Courtesy Notice Date – Do Not Intend to Submit Proposal
December 15 Proposal Deadline
January 2-9, 2024 Interviews with representatives of Board of Directors, Management and key committees 
January 10-12 Finalist Vetting Including Site Visits at Similar Locations, More Interviews if Necessary
January 17 Presentation by Recommended Finalist Contractor at Board of Directors Meeting
February 21 Award of Contract by Board of Directors at Board Meeting and Notice to Proceed
February 22 Notification of Award to the Community and Law Enforcement
May 1, 2024 First day of contract beginning at 12:00 am. 
Any and all questions regarding this RFP must be submitted via email to GMOFFICE@LOWA.ORG
to the individual listed below, by December 4, 2023, 2:00 pm local time.  The individual is the single point of contact for this RFP.  Written answers to all questions received by email will be provided in an addendum to the RFP, by email, to all Contractors to which an RFP has been issued, provided that the Contractor has supplied an email address for such purpose to LOWA.  Only those answers, provided via emailed addendum, will be considered an official response by LOWA.  Contractors must not contact other executives, managers or employees of LOWA without permission of the individual listed below:
Phillip L. Rodenberg, CMCA®, AMS®, PCAM®
General Manager
Lake of the Woods Association, Inc.
102 Lakeview Parkway
Locust Grove, VA 22508
Contractors must carefully examine all requirements of this Request for Proposal to completely familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions contained herein.  This RFP constitutes the complete set of specification requirements.  It is the responsibility of the Contractor to ensure that all pages are included in the submittal package.
1. Preparing and Submitting Proposals in Response to this Request for Proposal:
Proposals must be submitted/sent in two (2) volumes. Contractors must place one (1) original document set of Volume I, “Technical Proposal”, and Volume II, “Cost Proposal” and nine (9) copies of the “Volume I, Technical Proposal” in a sealed package (envelope, box, etc.), marked in the lower left-hand corner with the Name of Contractor, Request for Proposal Title and Due Date and Time.  Please note that Volume II must be submitted in a sealed package within the Volume I sealed package.  The required content for each of these volumes is outlined within this RFP.
Proposals, due at 2:00 pm on December 15, 2023, must be delivered in hard copy to:
Phillip L. Rodenberg, General Manager
Lake of the Woods Association, Inc.
102 Lakeview Parkway
Locust Grove, VA 22508
Any response received after the due date and time specified will not be accepted and will be returned unopened. The time of receipt shall be determined by the time clock located in the LOWA Administrative Office.  Proposals must not be submitted by email.
If you do not intend to submit a proposal, kindly return all documents, materials, and attachments to the aforementioned representative of LOWA by December 12, 2023.
All Proposals must be signed in ink, on the proposal cover page, by an officer or employee having authority to bind the company.  Signatures are required where indicated; failure to properly sign the Proposal or other required documents shall be cause for rejection of the proposal. 
The Contractor is asked to limit marketing materials and excess verbiage, yet, sufficiently state its qualifications, cost, and other information pertinent for evaluation. Only one proposal may be submitted by each Contractor. 
No modifications to those proposals already submitted, after the due date and time will be permitted, except in those cases where LOWA requests additional information for clarification and/or enhancement purposes from all of the Contractors. 
By submitting its Proposal, the Contractor acknowledges that its Proposal may become part of any contract entered into between LOWA and the Contractor. 
LOWA may waive informalities of proposals submitted.
2. Proposal Format
Proposals must be presented in a clear and concise format, on 8 ½" x 11" paper.  All information, except for tables, charts, and graphs, must be in MS Word format, Times New Roman 12 point font, with 1.5 line spacing.  Each proposal must contain all information required by this RFP, including attached appendices.  Omission of required data may be cause for disqualification.  Additional information, thought to be relevant by the Contractor, but not applicable to the enumerated sections, must be provided as an appendix to the Proposal.
3. Proposal Content
The Proposal must be divided into separate sections, as follows: 
A. VOLUME I:  Technical Proposal
Overview of volume:
1. Proposal Cover Letter
2. Proposal Summary including a brief statement of the Contractor’s understanding of the        services to be provided (two page, maximum)
3. History, Experience, Past Performance of Contractor and Ability of Contractor to Fulfill 
    Requirements of the Request for Proposal
4. Staffing and Resumes
5. References
6. Litigation, Arbitration, Mediation – Current Experience
7. Representations, Disclosures, Conflict of Interest
8. Technical Approach to Project
VOLUME I:  Technical Proposal
Detail of volume:
1. Proposal Cover Letter 
A proposal cover letter is required containing the name, principal address, telephone number, fax number, website and email address of the Contractor and principal contact person. 
The cover letter shall be no more than one page and must indicate the primary person responsible for this project. This letter must be signed by an individual authorized to bind the firm. 
2. Proposal Summary (one page, maximum)
In this section, the Contractor must:
- Include a brief statement of the Contractor’s understanding of the services to be provided, and the Contractor’s approach to meet those requirements.
3. History, Experience, Past Performance of Contractor, and Ability to Fulfill
    Requirements of the Request for Proposal
In this section, the Contractor must:
A. Indicate the year and State in which Proposing firm is incorporated or organized. Include Articles of Incorporation.
B. Indicate Contractor’s mission/vision statement and values.
C. Indicate ownership status and certifications: Woman owned, Minority owned, Disabled Veteran, etc.
D. Indicate any other names under which the Contractor has been registered under same or different EIN number.
E. Provide proof that Contractor is licensed to conduct business in the areas covered by this RFP and in the Commonwealth of Virginia, including the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services.
F. Provide a brief history of the Contractor including the last three years revenue.
G. Provide information regarding the Contractor’s provision of services to current or past clients, similar to those to be provided under provisions of this RFP.  Include information regarding whether these projects were completed in compliance with all contract provisions and within contracted budget.
H. Provide information regarding any and all contracts entered into by the Contractor, which have been terminated prior to contract completion, for any reason.
I. Indicate the location of the Contractor’s corporate headquarters, regional and local offices.  Identify the Contractor’s office which will provide the services under the contract and the total number of persons presently employed at that location.
J. Describe Contractor’s firm, including total number of persons employed by the Contractor, and range of activities and services provided.
K. Include a description of the Contractor’s current workload, including a summary of current projects.  
L. Indicate the Contractor’s ability to provide the services requested by this RFP based on that workload, and the projection of the availability of staff to accomplish the tasks required by the RFP.
M. Indicate whether the Contractor is a member of the Community Associations Institute. 
4. Management, Staffing and Resumes
In this section, the Contractor must:
A. Identify the staff member who will be the key point of contact with LOWA staff during the RFP process.
B. Provide an organization chart delineating the structure of the office responsible for providing service under a contract with LOWA as a result of your proposal.
C. Provide resumes or biographical information of key staff to be assigned, including length of employment with Contractor, position/title, experience and training. This must include relevant background, qualifications and experience conducting similar services. NOTE: LOWA strongly recommends the Contractor identify the individual who will serve as On-Site Supervisor/Chief of Security at the Interview Stage of the process.
D. Describe Contractor’s management structure as it relates to this project, including all account support personnel, their function and responsibilities.
E. Describe the Contractor’s process for recruitment and evaluation of potential security officers at the patrol officer level, shift captain level, and on-site supervisor/chief level.
F. Specify the Contractor’s methods for screening applicant background, and how background checks are conducted.
G. Provide the qualifications security personnel must possess and the minimum criteria applicants must meet before being employed by Contractor.
H. Describe methods Contractor utilizes for periodic review and evaluation of the performance of on-site employees.
I. Describe methods Contractor utilizes to promote employee retention; include how relevant continuing professional education is obtained and how the quality of staff over the long term will be assured. 
J. Describe Contractor’s succession planning and development of officers, supervisors and managers.
K. Provide information on Contractor’s training program for new officers and existing officers to include (1) legal updates, (2) large scale community association-specific training, (3) customer service training, and (4) recertification of firearms. (See also Personnel Section.)
L. Provide information whether the Contractor has additional resources available within a 60-mile radius.
M. Describe methods contractor will use at LOWA to cover vacancies in the schedule when they occur.  
N. Are there any company policies, procedures, or post orders that would prevent you from fulfilling the policies? 
5. References
In this section, the Contractor must:
A. Provide three (3) references for clients, with a similar scope of services to this RFP, that currently utilize your services.  These references must include, at a minimum: name of client, contact person, address, telephone number, email address, and the name of the local law enforcement jurisdiction within which the client’s site is located.  Indicate if you have a formal written agreement/MOU with the local law enforcement agency or fire and emergency services. 
B. A reference person must be someone who has personal knowledge of the Contractor’s performance.  Please inform the reference person that they are being used as a reference and that LOWA may check references and enquire about the Contractor’s ability to work cooperatively with local law enforcement jurisdictions.
C. Provide a brief description of the type of service you provided for each organization, the number of staff assigned, number of months providing services and the annual value of the contract. 
D. Letters of Commendation or Recommendation may also be included in this section.  (i.e., gated communities) 
In addition, provide the same list of information as above for three (3) former clients that no longer use your services. 
6. Litigation, Arbitration, Mediation
In this section, the Contractor must:
A. Provide information regarding any and all litigation, arbitration, mediation or other legal proceeding (including licensure, disciplinary and debarment proceedings – settled or pending) the firm (or any predecessor firm) has been involved in, as a party, within the last five (5) years. 
B. Give the case name and current status of each matter. 
C. Certify that Contractor has not filed for bankruptcy in the past five (5) years.
D. Certify that neither Contractor nor any of Contractor’s principals have been convicted of a felony or fraud. Indicate if any principals have been indicted for a felony or fraud. 
7. Representations, Disclosures, Affirmations, Conflict of Interest
In this section, the Contractor must:
A. Provide audited financial statements for the past three (3) fiscal years. 
B. The Contractor selected for contract shall agree that the performance of the contract will not be subcontracted in part or in whole, without prior written approval of LOWA.
C. Hold Harmless – The Contractor selected for contract must protect, defend, hold harmless and indemnify LOWA from damages and claims arising from events related to the negligent acts or omission of the Contractor and his employees, including actual attorney’s fees, related to any such damage and claims.
D. Provide information regarding any actual, apparent or potential conflicts of interest that are present or could develop with respect to providing services under this solicitation. 
E. Identify the name of any officer, director, employee or agent who is also an employee, official, or resident of LOWA. 
F. Disclose the name of any LOWA official, employee, or property owner who owns, directly or indirectly, any interest in the Contractor’s firm or any of its affiliates or team members. 
G. Warrant that the Contractor has not employed or retained any company or person, other than a bona fide employee working solely for Contractor, to solicit or secure an award under this RFP and that it has not paid or agreed to pay any person, company, corporation, individual, or firm, other than a bona fide employee working solely for Contractor, any fee, commission, percentage, gift, or any other consideration contingent upon or resulting from an award under this solicitation.
H. Disclose the names of all sites currently served by the Contractor that are within 60 miles of LOWA. 
NOTE:  The existence of any such conflicts of interest will not automatically disqualify any Contractor from consideration.  LOWA will evaluate such disclosures and determine whether they are disqualifying or subject to possible mitigation measures. 
- Insurance Coverage:  Should your bid result in a contract with LOWA, said contract will require that you return to LOWA the signed contract and a Certificate of Insurance demonstrating commercial general liability, business auto liability, workers compensation and employees liability insurance.  Additionally, the LOWA contract requires that you provide a copy of any endorsement issued by your insurance company, naming LOWA as an Additional Insured.  We must receive these documents prior to your organization beginning work or providing services on the project.
- Your policies must include:
At least $1,000,000 limits for commercial general liability,
At least $1,000,000 limits for business automobile liability,
At least $1,000,000 limits for worker’s compensation and employers liability,
At least $20,000,000 limits for umbrella liability; umbrella must go over all lines of coverage listed in this section (including law enforcement/security guard errors and omissions),
At least $1,000,000 limits in law enforcement/security guard errors and omissions (E&O or EPL must cover sexual abuse and molestation), and 
At least $1,000,000 limits for Employment Practices Liability (Third Party coverage)
Be issued by an insurance carrier that maintains an A.B. Best’s rating of “A-“ or better, and is duly admitted in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
- Your commercial general liability must include:
Commercial liability aggregate limits of at least $2,000,000 with the general aggregate limit applicable per project.
Be an occurrence coverage form.
Include coverage for liability arising from premises-operations, independent contractors, products-completed operations, personal and advertising injury and liability assumed under and insured contract (including tort liability of another assumed in a business contract)
Include waiver of subrogation
Name LOWA as an Additional Insured on a primary basis for ongoing and completed work
Provide LOWA’s Contract Manager at least 30 days’ written notice prior to cancellation or termination of your commercials general liability, business auto liability, and employer’s liability policies.
Please make sure you provide your insurance agency with a copy of the above requirements.  You must include all insurance costs in your bid, as you will be unable to renegotiate these costs at a later date. 
NOTE:  The final agreement is subject to negotiation of a written contract acceptable to the LOWA Board of Directors.  The bidder’s proposal to LOWA will be referenced and included in the contract documents.  
8. Technical Approach to Project
In this section, Contractor must describe, in detail, its plan to meet the following requirements and all requirements included in RFP Section IV, Scope of Services:
A. Outline administrative controls, plans and process utilized to monitor and assure contract compliance of security services.
B. Describe the proposed lines of authority, including the requirement for a representative of the Contractor’s staff to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year in order to receive work orders and notices under the terms of the contract, and who has authority to give orders to the Contractor's personnel and take action involving specifications and prices. 
C. Describe key performance indicators, goals, quality standards, and quality measures the Contractor has in place to monitor its service to LOWA and to make improvements where necessary.
D. Describe what measures will be utilized to assess and report LOWA and resident customer satisfaction.
E. Propose invoicing method, to include frequency, procedures and discount for early payment.
F. Provide information regarding Contractor’s relationship with a financial institution that supports electronic vendor payment services (i.e., EFT payments).
G. Describe proposed use of technology (hardware, software), including body-worn cameras, in-vehicle cameras, officer tour reports, incident reports, etc. 
B. Volume II:  Cost Proposal
In this Section, the Contractor must provide cost information on the form provided in Appendix 6. 
LOWA requires the current security services contractor to provide 544 hours per week of armed security services. The 544 hours are comprised of the following:
168 hours per week of unarmed gate access control security 
168 hours per week of armed security (see note)
128 hours per week of Special Conservator of the Peace (SCOP) Officers (see note)
40 hours per week for the site manager/chief
40 hours per week for the assistant site manager/major  
Special Details
At least 850 hours is allocated for lake patrol to be conducted during the specified period of time. Most Lake Patrol hours are to be logged from Memorial Day Weekend through October.
At least 84 hours for Independence Day Saturday for the entire day’s activities including traffic control after the 9 p.m. fireworks show. 
NOTE: The term “armed security” is the definition used by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, which states: “An armed security officer means a natural person employed to safeguard and protect persons and property or deter theft, loss, or concealment of any tangible or intangible personal property on the premises he is contracted to protect, and who carries or has access to a firearm in the performance of his duties.”
NOTE:  At least one individual, including the Security Chief, qualified as a “Special Conservator of the Peace,” as per Virginia State Code sections §9.1-150.1 and §19.2-13, sponsored by the Orange County Sheriff and authorized by the Orange County Circuit Court Judge, shall be on duty at all times.  This may be the shift supervisor or other armed officer.
NOTE: Contractor must provide at least one individual qualified as a Virginia Boating Safety Education Course Certificate holder (Lifetime Boater Education Card or other NASBLA-approved or USCG-required boating course) for every shift, to ensure that Security can deploy a Lake Patrol officer, when required.
The Contractor must provide the following:
Full staffing for the Independence Day Saturday (LOWA’s largest special event)
Lake Patrol for special lake events including Independence Day Ski Show and Fireworks, Friday Night Concert Series on last Friday of May, June, July, and August, and Labor Day Weekend Ski Show. 
Annual (confidential) security assessment of LOWA physical security of the perimeter, buildings, and common areas; security equipment; and policies and procedures.  (Due September 1 each year)
Annual Post-season lake security assessment
Contractor to provide sufficient motor vehicles to accomplish its work (minimum of two). Vehicles to be outfitted with dashcams. Fuel is provided by LOWA.
o NOTE:  Incumbent uses two Ford Explorers, and a Ford Ranger for Road Patrol activities.
Contractor to provide a minimum of two, well-marked, motorized boats with trailers for patrolling the Main Lake. Fuel is provided by LOWA.
o NOTE: Incumbent uses 20-foot Boston Whaler with 115hp Mercury and 18-foot Angler with 90hp Mercury.
Individual officers issuing summons attend the meetings of the Legal and Compliance Committee where those summons are adjudicated.
Individual officers issuing Uniform Traffic Citations attend Orange County General District Court in the Town of Orange.
Costs must be included for all personnel, equipment, and other costs for a period of (3) year.  For personnel, you must provide a detailed proposal of the numbers of hours for:
Each employee category
Bill rate per hour for each employee category
Overtime/holiday rate.  Include number of overtime/holiday hours anticipated.  Provide a list of holidays to be considered as overtime for your employees
Total numbers of hours for each year of the contract.
Provide pricing for armed officers and a separate pricing for unarmed officers.
Benefits offered to Employees
As Cost Alternative #1, provide the cost of an additional 150 hours of Lake Patrol for a total of 1,000 hours, rather than 850 hours.
As Cost Alternative #2 (optional), provide the cost savings of any alternative procedures that would improve efficiency and effectiveness. 
Contractor must:
Provide a manpower chart for minimum staffing, including at a minimum, supervisors/shift, access control officers, road patrol officers, and lake patrol officers.
Describe how weekly billing will be handled to provide sufficient information to ensure staffing levels remain at the contracted level.
Describe any equipment being proposed and the associated cost (i.e., maintenance, gas, oil, etc.).
Provide cost of any and all technologies proposed in Volume I.
NOTE:  Final agreement must include a monthly spread of costs for Years 1 through 3.
The Contractor must include in Section 8 (Technical Approach to Project) of its Technical Proposal, details regarding how each item in this Scope of Services will be accomplished, including the LOWA Regulations and Post Orders.
The Contractor chosen for contract will use its Standard Operating Procedures, LOWA’s Post Orders, Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services regulations, Virginia State Code and the Regulations of the Lake of the Woods association to accomplish its work.
Chief of LOWA Security/ Site Manager: The Contractor is required to assign an on-site Chief of Security/Site Manager (Chief) who will report directly to the General Manager. The Chief must be familiar with law enforcement policies and practices as well as large scale community association governance and activities. The Chief must build and maintain a positive and productive relationship with the Orange County Sheriff, Chief Deputy, and Command Officers. While normally assigned to the first shift of the day, the Chief must, from time to time over the course of a year, work on all shifts. This includes working a weekend shift once a month during May through September.  In order to build and maintain positive and productive rapport with the members and local law enforcement agencies, the Chief is required to attend, at a minimum, the following meetings and events: 
Weekly security meetings with the LOWA General Manager and his staff, 
Monthly meeting with the LOWA Board of Directors, including a monthly statistical report of activities with workload measures and graphs. 
Monthly meeting of the LOWA Safety and Security Committee. 
Monthly meeting of the LOWA Legal and Compliance Committee. 
Monthly meeting of the LOWA Lakes Committee (upon request).
Annual Independence Day weekend celebration.
Annual National Night Out Program (first Tuesday in August).
Quarterly Newcomers Socials
The Chief is to send a senior officer when he/she is unavailable to attend. The Chief is encouraged to attend other member functions such as but not limited to, the annual youth fishing tournament, and the Christmas tree lighting.
 The Contractor chosen for contract will provide, at a minimum:
Main (Front) Gate Control:  The Security office is located at the Guard House at the Main Gate. The existing front gate has a visitor lane and a barcode reader lane with gate arm members in good standing and registered tenants, with active barcodes. In addition to the bar code system, LOWA uses visitor management software (TEKControl) with guard client, and a License Plate Recognition (LPR) camera system.  Access Control officers issue dashboard passes from the visitor management system. There are surveillance cameras covering the Main Gate area, including camera/microphone covering the Visitor Lane interaction between the driver and guard. Residents can use TEK Control (preferred) to add temporary and long term guests on their account for entry and can use TEK Control to send a QR code to be scanned by the guard. Residents may also phone in guests to the Security office.  There is an AllBox Visitor Access kiosk for after-hours entry of authorized guests. LOWA also has a separate software system (Jonas) under which photo ID cards are issued to members, tenants, and their households.   
Be Advised: LOWA is modifying the Main Gate through a construction project planned for Fall 2024. LOWA will build an additional entry lane to allow for two visitor lanes and one member lane. 
Regulation II, Admittance to LOWA, and the LOWA Post Orders spell out how to admit individuals and groups for sporting events (soccer, baseball, equestrian, swimming), Lake of the Woods Church, County Compactor, as well as deliveries and courier services. The contractor must ensure only authorized individuals are granted entry into the community. 
Review Post Order Section 3.1 Access Control and inform LOWA if and how the access control program can be better utilized.  Your proposal must address a review of the present front gate processes, including software, and provide suggestions for improvement.  It must address the entry lane set-up and suggestions for redesign to improve flow and control of visitors and contractors.  This service must be provided on a 24 hour / 7 day per week schedule.
Indicate any experience with Tek Control and Jonas.
Provide proposed staffing levels for a sample week as well as proposed peak hour staffing for special events (i.e., 4th of July celebration, Thanksgiving Day).
- Back Gate Control:  The Back Gate is only available for members in good standing and registered tenants, with active barcodes.  The gate is equipped with a “real-time” video camera and a speaker system.  Videos must be reviewed when a specific incident involving unauthorized access is reported.  In addition, samples of randomly selected video must be reviewed on a regularly scheduled basis to isolate recurring violations.  
Describe actions you will take to resolve these events.
Describe your proposed procedure for performing this function.
- Safety of Community Roadways:  LOWA depends on a system of the cooperative efforts of law enforcement by the security contractor, road maintenance by the LOWA maintenance staff, and education of residents and visitors through LOWA publications to maximize the safety of the community’s roads.  All traffic stops must be made by SCOP Officers.  Security fills out and sends Virginia Police Crash Reports (FR300P) to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.
Outline your proposed resources for meeting the enforcement requirements of the community road safety system, including staff hours to be dedicated to traffic control, equipment to be dedicated to the effort (i.e. – cameras, radar, etc.).  
Outline your proposed procedures for identification of sites where safety hazards are caused by ongoing illegal and unsafe driver behavior including but not limited to speeding.  Please explain how you propose to prioritize the deployment of your enforcement resources to these sites to best meet community safety needs.
Note that when a SCOP Officer issues a LOWA Administrative summons, the issuing officer must attend the Legal and Compliance Committee meeting where summons are reviewed. An Armed Security Officer can issue summonses as well, however such officer cannot make traffic stops or boat stops.  
Note that when a SCOP Officer issues a Uniform Traffic Summons for reckless driving, including speeding over 20 mph over the posted speed, passing a stopped school bus, or reckless boating, the officer must attend Orange County General District Court in the Town of Orange.
Outline your proposed procedures for providing information, including but not limited to regular security reports, to LOWA management for use in community information publications to enhance community roadway safety.
Outline your proposed procedures for your personnel to recognize and report to proper authorities, including the LOWA maintenance department, road operation and maintenance deficiencies affecting road user safety, such as broken down cars, downed trees and power lines, downed traffic signs, and hazardous materials spills for immediate action.  Please include your proposed procedures for temporary protection of public safety at these sites by your employees until other responders arrive.
- Neighborhood Patrol and LOWA Property Patrol:  Appendix 3 delineates properties owned by LOWA that must be patrolled on a daily basis through use of two methods:  drive-by visual and foot patrols.  These patrols will be performed in the areas of LOWA amenities.  For example, officers on foot may interact with youth gathering near Sailboat Beach. 
Random nighttime patrols, both drive-by visual and on foot, will also be performed.  To strengthen LOWA’s already good relationship with members, as well as increase confidence in the security system and reduce the event of vandalism and burglary, LOWA must provide regular neighborhood patrols utilizing patrol vehicles.  LOWA maintains a number of surveillance cameras at the Main and Back Gates and in and around LOWA facilities that feed live images to the Security Office to assist Security with enforcement and prevention.  Security can also deploy the wireless stealth camera.  
Describe your proposed procedures for fulfilling these requirements.
- Lake Patrol:  The Main Lake is the primary target for seasonal lake patrols.  However, the small lake, known as Keaton’s Lake, must also be patrolled periodically.  A schedule for patrol for both lakes must be proposed, approved by LOWA and implemented by the Contractor.  While the skill set for the lake patrol personnel is additional to regular duties, officers assigned to Lake Patrol must be fully cognizant of both regular security procedures and of lake policies and procedures.  
- Commonwealth of Virginia boating regulations apply generally on the lakes, with some exceptions. These regulations are enforced by both the Security Contractor and the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources. The Security Contractor also enforces LOWA Regulation X, Use of Lakes. (See Appendix 1.)
The Contractor must take the following recommendations into consideration, when formulating its offer:
Lake patrols must start in May and may continue into October.
A minimum of two well-marked, boats, provided by the Contractor, are necessary to cover peak times as well as those times when one boat must be out-of-service for repair.  The boats, to be provided by the Contractor, must be equipped with emergency lights, and sirens.  
Patrol officers must wear a distinctive uniform, appropriate for lake patrol work, and the patrols must be highly visible.
Patrol officers must have an extensive knowledge of Regulation X, Use of Lakes. 
Lake use policies such as 36 mph main lake speed limit, “no wake” speed inside buoys and in coves, counter clockwise traffic pattern, required safety equipment on-board boats, and LOWA registration stickers must be enforced.
Lake patrol must have adequate communications to fulfill the mission.  This includes unit to unit communication, and boat to shore communications.  Communications must be adequate to assure that patrol officers are notified of reports and approaching weather hazards and be adequate to assure that patrol officers can request assistance and summon emergency medical responders. 
While the main days and hours requiring patrol are weekends and holidays after 7 AM and before sunset, random weekday patrol is required and patrol during other hours is required when necessary.
LOWA will issue the Contractor a tablet for checking to see if the watercraft operator has passed the LOWA Boat Operator’s Safety Course. 
Lake Patrol deploys a buoy system for special lake events near the Clubhouse such as Ski Shows and Clubhouse Point Concerts. 
Lake Patrol schedule must be approved by the General Manager.
Lake Patrol season runs from Memorial Day Weekend through October. One Lake Patrol officer is sufficient for most days of the season.  However, High Traffic Times merit two Lake Patrol officers on the Main Lake.  High Traffic Times is defined as “Weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) and holidays from the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend through the Monday of Labor Day between 10 a.m. and sunset.”  (See Regulation X.A.1.s.) During these times, it is advantageous to have two officers on the lake, especially six hours before sunset. 
Lake Patrol is responsible for enforcement of boat decals each May.
Lake Patrol enforces daytime speed limit of 36 MPH and night time speed limit of 10 mph (sunset to 7 a.m.). 
- Personnel:  Describe, in detail, your methods of selection and training of personnel.  
Include, at a minimum, the following:
Personnel selection criteria (i.e., Law enforcement or military background).
What is your method for performing background checks?
What will be your method of pre-assignment training, to ensure all security officers know and understand the LOWA policies regarding safety and security?
Provide position descriptions for each employee category to be assigned to this project.
Describe your proposed method of instructing security officers about their position, duties, LOWA regulations, and about on-going problems/issues and your shift-change process.
Describe your methods for providing facility-specific or community association-specific training; annual retraining and recertification; advanced, personal development and/or continuing educations; promotional opportunities for staff.  Please include discussion of how training is delivered (i.e., classroom, printed material, video, eLearning, etc.). Please provide specific information for driver training and weapons training.
Describe your methods for measuring training program success.
- Cooperation with National, State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies:  Interaction and cooperation with law enforcement agencies is necessary and required for the safety of LOWA residents and visitors.  Agencies include, but are not limited to, Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources, Virginia State Police, and the National Park Service.  In an emergency, LOWA works with Orange County and other public safety agencies in a unified command system. Orange County allows LOWA to use its Land Mobile Radio System, and LOWA has purchased and maintains L3 Harris radios.   
Describe your methods for assuring an ongoing cooperative working relationship with these agencies both at the patrol officer level and at the management level.
Describe your methods and procedures for requesting assistance from local law enforcement agencies for incidents within LOWA.
Describe your methods and procedures for responding to requests for assistance from local law enforcement agencies for incidents within LOWA.  This includes responses to calls received at the 911 communications center.
Describe any differences that may arise when utilizing armed or unarmed personnel.
- Management System and Reporting:
ISO 9001-2008 QMS is preferred.  A QMS that meets the standard without being certified is acceptable.
Describe your system of handling complaints from the Association, members and visitors. 
Describe your management system, including policies and procedures relevant to work at LOWA.
Describe your technological tools for controlling gates, reporting accidents or events, tracking of events.
Provide sample forms and reports to be used.
Please describe how any tools (i.e., smartphones, tablets, etc.) you will utilize, will interface/integrate with LOWA’s existing software.
Discuss how required daily, weekly and monthly reports will provide the General Manager of LOWA with pertinent information.
Discuss how you will meet the requirements for a senior staff member to attend regularly scheduled LOWA meetings to report on events, trends, problems, and solutions.  This includes weekly meetings with the LOWA General Manager and his staff, monthly meetings with the LOWA Board of Directors, monthly meetings of the LOWA Safety and Security Committee, and monthly meetings of the LOWA Legal and Compliance Committee.  In addition, discuss how you will respond to requests for staff to attend other meetings such as meetings of the LOWA Lakes Committee.”
- Coordination with LOWA Management Groups:  LOWA has a dam emergency action plan, in place, and the security force is an important component of that plan.  Security is required to participate in the Annual Dam Exercise/Tabletop.  
Describe how you will integrate your security force into that plan.
- Coordination Entities and Organizations Whose Members are Authorized Entrance:  The LOWA Board of Directors has authorized entrance to LOWA by members of certain entities and organizations.  This includes the Lake of the Woods Church, Orange County residents needing to use the compactor station, and members of visiting sports teams, among others.
Discuss how you will work with various groups to achieve mutual cooperation.
- Member Assistance:  While not always viewed as part of the security force’s responsibilities, from time to time members lock themselves out of homes and vehicles, and request on-vacation property checks. Neighbors and families of members request member welfare checks.
Describe your view of your role in those instances and propose how you will assist.
- Pets and Wildlife:  LOWA has several policies that regulate pets kept by residents and interactions between residents and wild animals.
Describe how you will address policies regarding pets in residences, lost pets, and wild animals on resident’s and community property.
- Youth and Families:  Security will respond to concerns and complaints regarding youth such as trespassing in parks after hours, vandalism, and verbal/physical altercations. In those circumstances, the responding officer or Chief will need to contact the parents or guardians. 
Describe your plans to ensure Security works with youth and families effectively. Address whether you will assign a specific officer to work directly with community youth.
- Transition and Contract Start-Up:
Describe your plans to ensure a smooth and efficient start-up and transition of security services.
LOWA Regulations
The Restrictive Covenants and Articles of Incorporation of the Association authorize the Board of Directors of the Association to promulgate and enforce Regulations. The Articles also provide for a Legal and Compliance Committee (LCC) to assist the Board of Directors in Regulations enforcement.  
The Contractor assists with enforcement of the LOWA Regulations by issuing warning and summonses to members. The LCC adjudicates matters and refers flagrant violations to the Board of Directors.  When issuing a summons, the Contractor cites the section(s) of LOWA regulations that have been violated.  The security officer writing the summons attends and testifies at the LCC meeting when the summons is discussed.
LOWA Regulations are comprised of eighteen (18) sections.  The Contractor is primarily concerned with enforcing rules found in five (5) sections, and must have an extensive knowledge of these sections.  
Section I.  General
This section contains rules pertaining to disturbance of the peace, damage to LOWA property, the responsibility of lot owners for invited guests, and the process for issuing summonses.
Section II.  Admittance to Lake of the Woods
This section contains rules pertaining to use of membership identification cards and admittance procedures for members and guests. 
Section IV.  Individual Behavior
This section contains rules pertaining to animal control, firearm prohibitions, and alcoholic beverage control.  
Section VI.  Use of Roads and Parking Lots
This section contains rules pertaining to rules of operating vehicles on LOWA roads and for parking in LOWA common areas and on streets.  Except as otherwise noted in this section, the laws governing the use of its secondary roads in the Commonwealth of Virginia shall apply to the use of the streets and roads owned by LOWA. Secondary roads are defined as Roads and Highways owned and maintained by the Commonwealth of Virginia. This includes, but is not limited to, those laws applicable to pedestrians, title to vehicles, vehicle licenses and operator’s licenses as well as all laws required for bicycles, motorcycles, mini-bikes, mopeds or scooters.  The Contractor strictly enforces the speed limits (maximum 25 miles per hour).
Section X.  Use of Lakes
This section contains rules pertaining to boat registration, boat type and use limitations, safe watercraft operations, and rules for beaches and boat slips.  The Security contractor‘s lake patrol officers must be very familiar with this extensive section in order to successfully carry out their duties to enforce safe boating rules.  On the Main Lake, the Contractor strictly enforces both the speed limit of 36 miles per hour on the main body of the lake and the no wake speed limit in coves, the counter clockwise traffic pattern, marine safety equipment requirements, and lake use registration sticker requirements.  All boat operators must successfully pass the LOWA Boat Operator Test, and the Contractor may ask for proof from the operator.  High traffic times on the Main Lake include weekends and holidays during the summer months.
In addition, the Contractor must have an extensive knowledge of Section XIV, Corrective Actions for Violations. 
Section V contains rules on the Use of Individually-owned property, including the physical condition of the individual lots are enforced by the Environmental Control Committee and the LOWA Site and Covenants Inspector, not by the Contractor. From time-to-time, the Site and Covenants Inspector may ask Security for assistance with (1) after hours photographing of lot violations, (2) delivering lot violation notices or (3) accompanying an inspector who is conducting a site visit or overseeing a lot cleanup.
LOWA Post Orders
LOWA Post Orders outline the duties, responsibilities and expectations of contract security guards.  LOWA believes that without the Post Orders, there is limited accountability by individual security officers and supervisors.  Thus, LOWA requires that all security officers read and sign a statement that they understand and have an extensive knowledge of the Post Orders.  LOWA and the Contractor review and revise the Post Orders on a periodic basis.
LOWA Post Orders cover eight (8) categories:
1. Access Control:  This section covers Contractor duties for gate malfunction procedures, member and visitor check-in procedures using bar codes and colored hang tags, denied entry procedures, and bar code malfunctions.   LOWA issues bar codes to residents and certain contractors for their vehicles to allow unhindered access at the front and back gates.   At the Main Gate, the Contractor issues dash passes in order to check in residents, visitors, contractors, sporting event participants, church visitors, and county residents accessing the county compactor.
2. Post Specific Duties:  This section specifies duties for access control officers at Main Gate Security Hub as well as patrol officers on the roads and responding to calls for service at the LOWA amenities and private residences.  This section includes procedures for conducting the tours, issuing summonses, detaining impaired vehicle operators, and reporting animal issues to the Orange County Animal Control.
3. Reports:  This section specifies the types of reports the Contractor is required to prepare for LOWA.
4. Meetings:  This section specifies the types of meetings the Contractor is required to attend.
5. LCC Hearing Docket Coordination: This section specifies security officer preparation and participation in LCC meetings. 
6. Lake Patrol:  This section specifies items including lake patrol guidelines, issuance of summonses, boat operator safety course requirements, and boat safety equipment checks. 
7. Administrative Duties:  This section specifies Contractor duties related to the amenities including issuance of keys, as required.  It also specifies the use of radios and radar units.
8. Emergency Procedures:  This section specifies Contractor duties related to LOWA dams, hazardous materials spills, and tree removal from roadways.
It is the responsibility of LOWA’s General Manager and the Assistant General Manager to ensure that the Contractor is providing the best possible service and value to the Association and its members.  Therefore, the General Manager will be the administrator for this contract.
Lake of the Woods (LOW) is a private, planned residential community of single-family homes located in the northeastern tip of Orange County, Virginia. The main entrance to LOW is on Virginia Route 3, 15 miles west of I-95 and 18 miles east of Virginia Route 29, about halfway between the cities of Fredericksburg and Culpeper. It is approximately 70 miles south of Washington, D.C., 60 miles north of Richmond, and 26 miles northeast of the town of Orange, which is the county seat. Civil War battlefields and other historic sites are in the vicinity.
Since its founding in 1967, LOW has evolved into a community of permanent year-round residents, seasonal residents, and weekenders. A broad range of recreational, cultural, social, community service and other activities are offered.
The LOW community covers approximately 2,600 acres with 4,258 lots (850 with lake frontage) distributed among 16 sections (many named after well-known southern plantations). The community has more than 41 miles of paved private roads.
As a private, gated community, LOWA provides contract security services 24 hours a day year-round. Lake of the Woods Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Inc. provides round-the-clock fire and medical transport services for LOW and northeastern Orange County, and is based inside LOW.
Lakes and Dams 
Lake of the Woods has two lakes—the Main Lake and Keaton’s Lake—two dams, and a front entrance pond. The Main Lake, fed by Flat Run and numerous springs, encompasses 500 acres. Veterans Memorial Dam, spanning 1,400 feet along the northwest edge of the Main Lake, was built in 1968. This lake has two marinas, seven lake access areas, and eight sand beaches.
Keaton’s Lake, also known as the Fishing Lake, is a 35-acre impoundment, at the northeast corner of the community close to Route 3 created by damming Keaton’s Run. The dam at this lake is known as Keaton’s Run Dam. The lake has one public launch area and one sand beach.
The small entrance pond with a fountain at the front gate serves as a sediment retention basin and provides an excellent location for the annual Children’s Fishing Tournament.
Founded primarily as a residential and recreational community, LOW offers nearly limitless opportunities for social/recreational activities and programs for members and their families. 
These activities include swimming and boating on the two lakes, a USGA golf course with Pro Shop and Fareways Cafe, an Equestrian Center, two outdoor swimming pools, Pickleball and tennis courts, Campground, RV-Boat storage lot, and a Clubhouse with food service and space for social and community and club events, Community Center with teen/youth facilities, and numerous parks with ball fields (three youth soccer fields and a lighted baseball/softball field), basketball courts, horseshoe pits, playgrounds, and walking/fitness trails. LOWA also provides the 9.9 Maintenance Area to allow members to dump leaves and small branches only.
The Association 
Every lot owner is a member of the Lake of the Woods Association, Inc. (LOWA), a homeowners’ association governed by Virginia law and a seven member, volunteer Board of Directors (BOD) elected at large from among the LOWA membership. Each lot is entitled to one vote in all elections. The BOD functions very much like a town council, and is charged with the development of an annual budget and policies and strategies responsive to the changing needs of a growing community. Twenty advisory Committees staffed by volunteers from among the membership support the work of the BOD. The Contractor must work with the following committees.
Safety and Security Committee – The Safety and Security Committee considers and makes recommendations to the BOD regarding security in the community.  
Lakes Committee – The Lakes Committee considers and makes recommendations to the BOD regarding lake safety in the community.  
Legal and Compliance Committee – The Legal and Compliance Committee hears and resolves all allegations of violations of LOWA rules and regulations.
Board business meetings are typically held on the first Saturday of the month, and third Wednesday of every month. Both BOD meetings and Committee meetings are open to all property owners and tenants. An annual BOD election and membership meeting is held on Labor Day.
Covenants, By-laws, and Regulations provide an orderly structure for the proper operation of the Association. LOWA members pay an annual assessment set by the BOD, which finances the operation and maintenance of all facilities and services, and partially subsidizes amenity operations. As required by the Restrictive Covenants, this assessment must be paid by May 1, the beginning of our fiscal year. Upon payment of the annual assessment, lot owners are issued identification cards, which are needed for registration of vehicles and boats, access to amenities or other use of LOWA property, and entry at the front gate in place of a vehicle barcode.
Association Staff 
The General Manager, who reports to the BOD, is employed by LOWA to implement and supervise the overall day-to-day operations and maintenance of LOWA facilities and common grounds. The Association has a paid staff of 90 to 135 full-time, part-time, and seasonal employees. 
The General Manager or designated representative is the individual responsible for administration of the LOWA security contract.  Only the General Manager or designated representative can take action under the contract including ordering services, serving notices, and approving payments.  (Note that while the General Manager is responsible for administration of the security contract, the Safety and Security Committee is charged with providing independent monitoring and oversight of the contract for the BOD.)
Emergency Planning 
Residents should already be aware that major disasters affecting LOW are managed under the legal authority of Orange County and covered by Virginia statutes. However, the LOWA General Manager has the responsibility of directing the emergency plan at LOW in coordination with proper civil authorities. 
A commercial security services contractor provides security to the LOW community 24 hours a day. The company provides such services as controlling entrance access, enforcing speed limits, providing seasonal lake patrols on both lakes, investigating member complaints, and providing assistance to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and other law enforcement agencies. 
Monthly security reports are presented to the LOWA Board of Directors and General Manager, published in Lake Currents, and forwarded to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office by the Chief of Security to share information and help monitor trends or changes in community activity.
Neighborhood Watch Program
LOWA has an active Neighborhood Watch (NW) Program consisting of volunteers who perform the duties of NW Coordinator, neighborhood Block Captains and NW Participants. The NW Coordinator reports directly to the LOWA GM and meets bi-weekly with the GM, President of LOWA Board of Directors, and Chief of LOWA Security to communicate resident concerns involving security and safety of the community. The NW Coordinator is also responsible for direct coordination with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office as well as membership and liaison with the Safety & Security (SSC) and Legal and Compliance (LCC) Committees. The LOWA NW Program is registered with the National Sheriff’s Association and the National Neighborhood Watch Program. The purpose of the LOWA NW Program is to provide additional eyes and ears within the community to REPORT suspicious activities and supplement LOWA Security, LOWA Management and local law enforcement in crime prevention! 
Post Orders
Available upon request with agreement of confidentiality