LOWA Short-term Rental Survey Results Summary


Lake of the Woods Association recently conducted a survey to gauge members’ opinions regarding short-term rentals within our community, whether there is cause for concern, or if there is a need to further regulate or prohibit short-term rentals. The survey received 560 responses.

The survey was initiated in accordance with LOWA Board Goal #7- Registering Short-Term Rental Properties: “Identify and register short-term tenant properties, including AIRBNBs, to ensure the Tenant Fee is paid. Work with lot owners and agents to help ensure short-term guests follow rules and regulations. Survey membership to get feedback regarding short term rentals including AIRBNBs. Review Declaration of Restrictions, and Regulation III, Registered Tenants, and consider solutions to any identified problems.”
A short-term rental is defined by Orange County as “all entities within Orange County who advertise or offer room or space for compensation for a period of thirty consecutive days or less.”
Here are some key take-aways from the survey results:

  • Nearly 64 percent of respondents felt that short-term rentals detracted from our community. (page 1)

  • Just over 55 percent of the respondents felt that short-term rentals impacted their property values in a negative manner. (page 7)

  • Nearly 46 percent of respondents said that short-term rentals should be prohibited, while another 27 percent said that short-term rentals should be further regulated. (page 9)

  • Feedback varied regarding restricting rentals to a specific period, but results showed that nearly 58 percent of respondents believed that a minimum term for rentals should be somewhere between 30 days to 1 year, which would essentially result in prohibiting short term rentals. LOWA would need to have a referendum in order to modify the declaration of restrictions to limit rental property terms. (page 10)

Moving forward, LOWA encourages members to notify us of any specific concerns they may have regarding short-term rentals near their home. LOWA will continue to try and identify active short-term rental properties to ensure compliance with the regulations and fees. The board will discuss the results of the survey at their March 18 meeting.