LOWA Board Candidates



Elections Timeline

  • July 5- Candidate Bios are avialble online and in the Lake Currents newsletter.
  • July 21- Candidates Forum at the Community Center
    • 3 PM - 3:45 PM Check in & Submit Questions
    • 4 PM Forum Begins
  • July- VoteNow.com Voting information (e-ballots) mailed to members by end of month.
  • September 2- Annual Meeting of the Membership

Candidate Bios

 Phillip D. "Pete" Brown


Candidate Name: Pete Brown
LOW Residence: 1433 Lakeview Pkwy
Wife of 49 years, Carol. Grown daughters Jenny and Megan, two granddaughters, Carolyn, 10, and Abigail, 5.
Education and Training:
Radio Engineering Institute, Career Academy School of Broadcasting, Charles County Community College
Relevant Experience Summary:
(present) Lake of the Woods Board of Directors
(past) President of HOA for Cedar Hills, Harrisburg, NC. BOD for Share the Pride, Gastonia, NC. Advertising Club of Charlotte – BOD, Treasurer two non-consecutive terms.
Career History:
  • Management of Radio and Television stations.
  • Vice President – Three Chiefs Radio – Philadelphia, PA.
  • VP/GM - WJBT-FM, Jacksonville, FL; Cable Adnet of NC- Charlotte NC. VP/Sales Mgr – Petry Television Sales, Charlotte, NC.
  • General Manager – WQMG-FM, Greensboro NC; Carolina Diamonds Women’s Professional Fastpitch team.
  • General Sales Manager – WPEG-FM, WGIV-AM, Charlotte, NC; WWMG & WEND -FM, Charlotte NC.
  • Branch Mgr – MMT Television Sales, Charlotte, NC.
  • President – Brown-Lester and Associates, Charlotte,NC.
  • Local Sales Mgr – WCNC -TV, Charlotte NC.
Community Service:
(Present) LOWLINC – Volunteer Driver. LOW Church – Home Helps, various projects. LOW Church – chancel choir.
(Past) Active elder Harrisburg Presbyterian Church. Chair of Child Development Center Board. Active Elder Rocky River Church, Harrisburg, NC, Chair of Child Development Center Board. President Central Cabarrus High Athletic Boosters. Harrisburg Youth League – BOD, Softball Coordinator. Habitat House –Harrisburg NC, volunteer, three projects.

LOWA Committees:
LOWA Ad Hoc Fencing Committee - Chair
LOWA 50th Anniversary Ad Hoc Committee.
Presently the BOD Liaison for four committees: Safety & Security, External Affairs, Pickleball/Tennis, Board of Examiners.

Clubs and Organizations:
 LOWA Visual Arts Council.
LOWA Pickleball Club

Why do you want to serve on the Board?
I am presently serving a one-year term as a result of a resignation of a prior member. This has been a great learning experience in an extremely important year. I want to continue to serve and complete the work we have started as a Board. We have implemented and continue to review internal financial controls. We recovered the embezzled funds from our previous Director of Finance and have set in motions actions to recover our expenses related to that effort. The CARC project has been monitored weekly and is slated for the Grand Opening on June 22. We are launching a referendum that will allow our members to vote on two issues, an appeal process for ECC decisions, and authorizing reasonable charges for violations to our regulations as established by the Virginia Property Owners Association. I want to continue my part in the working group exploring fiber optic broadband for LOWA.

What personal strengths do you bring to the Board of Directors?
My experience on the BOD this year has thoroughly prepared me to serve a full term. My level-headed approach serves me well as a board member. I do my research in depth as I prepare to make decisions. As a BOD member, we each represent all of our members. This position is much like a full-time job when done properly. There is sacrifice of personal time, however, it is an honor to serve our community. We live in a wonderful community. Our founders wisely established that there is only one class of membership. This makes all of our amenities available to every member that chooses to use them. We have so much to offer, yet we are not at all pretentious. I recognize a diversity of ideas and means exist. I work to restore civility in the discussions of our needs of today and plans for the future. I treat all members with respect.
What do you think is the most pressing issue facing LOWA?
We need to balance the financial strains of a 52-year-old infrastructure and the impact on our HOA assessment. The expense of operations will continue to rise, so we must be diligent in keeping those costs as low as possible while maintaining a high standard of performance. Our BOD is researching options for stormwater management. We are restoring trust in our representative governance. I believe we have made great progress in listening to our members and committees in our decision-making process.  

If elected, what do you see as the most important short and long-term goals for the LOWA community?
Short term:
Complete 14th Hole Restoration project. Finalize plans and complete the Flat Run Forebay project. This is vital to the health of our main lake. Change the schedule of our full replacement reserve studies in Miller Dodson reports from five years to three years and continue the annual updates.
Long -term:
We are accessing the need of fencing along Route 3 as more commercial development is slated across from our community. The Greater Wilderness Area Plan will have a huge impact on traffic patterns and security issues for LOWA. Continue research and work on stormwater management. To that end, I would like us to equip our staff with the means do more frequent leaf removal from our ditches. Make fiber optic broadband available to our members. We must maintain and /or improve our amenities to protect the value of our homes.

Paul Edward Conrad

LOW Address: Wilderness Lane
Education and Training: -Attorney since 1981; Army Judge Advocate lawyer and Law Professor at the Army Judge Advocate General’s School, Legal Advisor to the Chief, U.S. Army Reserve during 9-11, and Legal Advisor to the Judge Advocate General of the Army on Guard and Reserve Affairs from 2000-2003.
Relevant Experience Summary: -Prior service on a Virginia community homeowners association board as Chairman for several years in Centreville, Virginia.
Career History: -Senior Ethics Officer, Office of the Chief Counsel, FEMA, 2003-2018 (retired)
Reserve Component Legal Advisor, Sixth U.S. Army and the Presidio of San Francisco, to the Commanding General of a Two-Star Command, 1994-1996
-U.S. Army Reserve Personnel Center (ARPERCEN) Judge Advocate Career Manager for all Army Reserve Judge Advocate officers, 1987-1990.
Axley Byrnelson Law Firm, Madison, Wisconsin, Associate Counsel, 1985-1986.
General Counsel, Wisconsin State Housing & Economic Development Authority, 1983-1985
Appellate Criminal Defense Attorney, U.S. Army Legal Services Agency, Washington, DC. 1981-1983.
-Legal Assistance Attorney and Prosecutor. Served as military prosecutor for a year handling two or more jury trials per week.
LOWA Committees: Rules Committee 2017-18
Clubs and Organizations: Veterans Club, LOWLinc, AARP
Why do you want to serve on the Board?
I have been a LOW property owner on the fishing lake since 2009 or so, and I have lived full-time at the lake for the last five or six years, commuting by VRE to my job with FEMA. I retired this January 2019. I have always enjoyed being a resident here at LOW, and I want to give back to my home community.
I want to ensure that our LOW community remains an excellent place to live and thrive, and that we keep the LOWA fees and charges to our property owners as low as possible, while keeping our LOWA amenities in top shape for the enjoyment of our residents and our guests
What personal strengths do you bring to the Board of Directors?
I will deal with people as I have done during my entire 38 years as a practicing attorney. I will give people a straight answer to their questions, and when I don’t know the answer, I will seek to find out and get my response to them as soon as possible.
Now that I am retired from FEMA, I have more time to devote to supporting our LOW community as a Board member. In my previous service on a homeowners’ board, we successfully encouraged the homeowners to keep their properties in excellent shape, and resolved neighbor conflicts without needing to seek local police involvement. As a result of our efforts to keep the subdivision properties in good shape, property values rose during my time on that board.
What do you think is the most pressing issue facing our community?
Embezzlement of LOWA funds by a LOW manager. It shows a lack of adequate financial controls.
If elected, what do you see as the most important short and long term goals for the LOWA community?
Short Term: Better financial controls
Long Term: Maintain our infrastructure at the lowest cost to members.

Benita C. Forrest

LOW Residence: 07-352, 2011 to present

Family: Husband: Lem, employee, LOWA Golf Course, 2015-present
Children; Rebecca, David, Jamie, and Noel. Granddaughter, Angelina and another bundle of joy due in October

Education and Training:
Architectural Design – LAIAD
Business Administration – LACC
U.S. Government – NOVACC
Continued relevant training and experience has been ongoing from the time I relocated to Virginia in 1979

Relevant Experience Summary:
Executive Board member of Community Ventures, Inc., Vienna, VA - 1995-2010
Over the course of my tenure on the Board, architectural plans were presented to the full membership for a vote to renovate/rebuild the pool facility to the tune of two million dollars. A process that took over two years to design and complete.
Special Events Liaison, I was charged with planning, organizing, and most importantly budgeting for the annual calendar of events, which included but was not limited to seven events per year for up to 700 members, their families and guests.
Mosby Woods Elementary School – PTA President/Board Member - 1989-1993
HOA, Vienna, VA – Board Member - 1989-1996
Career History:
Retired, 2012 to present
General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT) – Falls Church, VA, 2007 – 2012
Executive Assistant to the president and CFO
North American Securities Administrators Association – Washington, DC, 2004-2006
Executive Assistant to the Director/Office Manager/Benefits Coordinator
National Academy of Public Administration – Washington, DC, 1990-2004
Executive Assistant to the President
Secretary to the Board of Directors
Office Manager/Human Resources Administrator
Program Associate, Center for the Economy and the Environment
Project Consultant/Research Assistant
National Association of Developing Organizations – Washington, DC, 1980-1982
Administrative Assistant
Personal Touch Catering – Oakton, VA/Locust Grove, VA, 1982-Present
Community Service:
An active member of this community by working at the Fareway’s CafĂ©, 2015 - 2019
Active participant in the 4th of July Parade - 2017
Clubs and Organizations:
Active member of LEGS (Monday evening lady’s golf league), 2018 to present
FCPYC – Soccer Commissioner - 1987-1992
Why do you want to serve on the Board?
As I take pride in my family and home, I also take pride in my community. I want it to be the best it can be. By volunteering to serve on the Board, I will be doing my part to help accomplish that goal. My belief is, if you want to reap the rewards you must be willing to do the work. Our community is growing and with that growth comes change. I want to help ensure that that growth and those changes benefit all of us
What personal strengths do you think you bring to the Board of Directors?
My ability to listen
My strong belief in fairness and equality
My positive attitude
What do you think is the most pressing issue facing LOWA?
Flat Run Forebay
14th Hole Retrofit with Forebay
ECC Appeal and LOWA Violation Charges Referendum
If elected, what do you see as the most important short and long term goals for the LOWA community?
Better communication and transparency. When you try to stifle or suppress something, one way or another it somehow gets leaked. Unfortunately that leakage may not be correct and more often can be damaging. I believe the current Board and management have worked well together to make it easier for all members to have the opportunity to vote in this year’s board election, i.e. both by hard ballot and electronically. I think that same effort must be applied to all standing projects, issues, meetings, etc. We need an informed community.

  Adrien “Terry” Terrenoire

LOW Residence: Meadowview Lane
Family:  Ex-wife after 50 years, 3 children, 7 grandchildren
Education and Training:
Graduated HS in 1963. Attended University of MD for 2 years. Enlisted in Army in March 1966. Chosen for OCS and was commissioned in April 1967. I have taken several advanced courses since when specific training was needed.
Relevant Experience Summary:
Over the past 50+ years I have served in all positions on numerous volunteer Boards. Currently serving as an open member of a 300 member Mustang club in Fairfax, and as an Associate VP for a 200,000 member organization headquartered in Muncie, IN, and I served as Treasurer for another national organization for 12 years.
Career History:
After commissioning in 1967 I served as Plt ldr, Btn Asst S-4 in Fort Eustis. In Viet Nam I served as a Group HQ CO for 6 months, then as 92nd Battalion S-2. Upon returning I worked for Montgomery Ward in several management positions until 1980 when I became an insurance agent, then Broker until selling agency in 1995. “Retired” for 4 years and went back into retail with Sam’s Club in 1999. Held various jobs there for 12 years when I retired again and moved to LOW in 2012.
Community Service: None
LOWA Committees:
In the past 12 months I have attended meetings of all governing committees at least once. I have become a voting member of the Planning and Rules committees, and have been appointed as Liaison to Club House, Equestrian, Finance, and M&C committees.
Clubs and Organizations:
For my entire life flying and aviation have been foremost in my non-work activities. Since moving to LOW I have rekindled my interest in bowling, and shooting pool with the local “fun bunch”
Why do you want to serve on the Board?
Over the 7 years I have lived in LOW I have observed what appears to be a lack of concern for general membership and a catering to the more affluent members of the HOA. Some of that view has been tempered by my direct involvement over the past 12 months. I still believe the general membership should have been given the opportunity to vote on a $5,000,000 project.
What personal strengths do you bring to the Board of Directors?
My greatest strength is being able to get the biggest bang for every dollar I spend. Having never held a high paying job, and not having an “unlimited” retirement income, I will question every penny we spend and try to weigh to against the overall benefit it will bring to the community as a whole.
What do you think is the most pressing issue facing LOWA?
At this point I see the major challenge as getting control of rain water runoff so the residents currently being adversely affected can regain a sense of security in their homes.
If elected, what do you see as the most important short and long term goals for the LOWA community?
At this point I see a very divided community with a lot of the more affluent members feeling that “anything goes” and “move out if you do not like it”. The general makeup of LOW residents has changed over the past 20 years. We have many more young working families trying to raise children while making ends meet. As opposed to the weekend retirement community it started out being.
As stated above I feel that control of rain water runoff is the primary problem facing the community. It must be addressed and fixed just as soon as humanly possible. We cannot sit back and hope rain fall will be less of an issue in years to come. We must prepare for the worst.

Jennifer Zukowski

LOW Residence: 113 Indian Hills Road
Family: Husband, Walter Zukowski, three daughters and three grandsons
Education: Bachelors in Sociology, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL
Occupation: Retired Manager of Attorney Employment and Professional Development
Experience Summary: Over 18 years in attorney recruiting and professional development
Community Service:
Vice President, LOWA Board of Directors, 2018 - 2019
Secretary of the Board, 2016 – 2018
Member, LOWA Planning Committee. Worked with Dave Kraus to updated LOWA’s Land Use Study2014-2016
Chair, Fitness Committee, August 2016
Volunteer orientation for new members of the Fitness Center, 2008-2016
EMT, Lake of the Woods Fire & Rescue, 2009-2010
What personal strengths do you bring to the Board of Directors?
Enjoy working with people of disparate views
Finding creative ways to solve problems for the greater good
Awareness of issues facing the community
Awareness of the need to maintain an aging infrastructure while keeping costs within reason.
Perspective of a LOWA resident since 1990 (26 years)
What do you consider the most pressing problems facing LOWA?
Like the rest of the nation, LOWA has a wide range of income diversity. Our most pressing problem is finding the balance between funding operations and maintenance while keeping the assessment at a reasonable level. We are also dealing with storm water management issues. LOWA was built before managing storm water became the responsibility of developers in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Now that we are almost at build-out the impermeable surfaces of homes built close together, in addition to record rainfall, have created runoff and flooding in our common areas. Mitigating storm water damage is expensive. Finding the balance between inexpensive remedies and expensive ones will be a challenge.
If elected, what do you see as the most important short-and/or long-term goals for the LOW community?
Short-term goals: Facilitating communication between the Board, Administration and the community, maintaining the health of our lakes, improving the traffic situation at the front gate, supporting activities for the youth of our community, and studying how we can maintain our aging infrastructure at the most reasonable cost, without sacrificing the integrity of our community.
Long-term goals: Consider that new or improved infrastructure be built to last 20 years or more so that we don’t make an endless number of quick fixes, spreading out over several years, that might cost the community more in the long term. Encourage members to be aware of the 2013 Orange County Comprehensive Plan, in particular the 2015 Germanna-Wilderness Area Plan (GWAP), and how it might affect Lake of the Woods.