LOWA Annual Board Election


Congratulations to the 2021 - 2022 LOWA Board of Directors
President- Pete Brown
Vice President- Teri Vickery
Treasurer- Walt Diercks
Secretary- Rick Rappoport
Director- Carl Clawson
Director- Cliff Wilks
Director- Jennifer Zukowski

(L-R) Cliff Wilks, Rick Rappoport, Teri Vickery, Pete Brown, Walt Diercks, Jennifer Zukowski, Carl Clawson
Congratulations to Rick Rappoport, Walt Diercks, and Cliff Wilks on a successful election. Special thanks to Heidi Brown, outgoing board member, for her service to LOWA and her dedication to our members.

Summary of Total Ballots Cast
Valid Ballots Cast:                                             1,057.25
Abstentions:                                                             6.00
Invalid Ballots Cast:                                                36.00
Not in Good Standing:                                           21.00
Total Ballots Received:                                     1,120.25
Number of Ballots Cast for:
Richard J. Rappoport (Rick)       909.25
Walter E. Diercks                      883.25
Clifton D. Wilks                         785.50 
Ballot Breakout
Phone Ballots                      12.00
Paper Ballots                    174.00
Electronic Ballots               871.25
Total Valid Ballots Cast  1,057.25