Clubhouse Area Recreation Complex Project Q&A


Clubhouse Area Recreation Complex Project
Info Session April 30, 2018
Question & Answer Summary


Project Q & A


  1. Is new pool larger than current?
    1. Yes by 1,750 sq. ft. as compared to the current pool and wading pool
  2. Can new pool be covered later?  (asked in 3 sessions).
    1. Not necessarily; best location would be Sweetbriar.
  3. Are there special features for children?
    1. Yes, for all ages.
  4. 4.  How often does the water ‘turn over’?
    1. Every 4 hours
  5. Salt water or Chlorine?
    1. Chlorine
  6. Depth?
    1. 3’ 6” to 6’…and 0’ to 3’ 6”
  7. What is square footage of new pool building?
    1. Total Building – 8,882 square feet
      1. Pool Building / Beach Restroom Facilities – 4,062 square feet
      2. Fitness Center - 4,820 square feet (includes support facilities)
  8. Will there be a Spa?
    1. No
  9. Will there be a Reception Desk in pool?
    1. Yes. 
  10. Will the Reception Desk be staffed?
    1. Yes.
  11. Wat is the cost to staff the desk?
    1. This will be determined by in the near future, positions will be part-time.
  12. Will Sweetbriar pool be covered?
    1. Unknown at this time.
  13. Are there enough pool umbrellas? 
    1. No, will have to purchase more
  14. Will there be a diving well? 
    1. No.
  15. Is pool furniture built in to the cost?
    1. No, will use current.
  16. Are there plans for a lift in the pool? 
    1. No, not needed with zero-entry.
  17. Is pool designed as a back-up pool for use by the Swim Team? 
    1. Yes and No---can’t dive in
  18. Can a foot sprayer be added?
    1. Not at this time
  19. Why not delay construction of the project until the day after Labor Day so we do not lose a whole Season?
    1. Changing the timeline would constrain the contractor and LOWA would be subject to the increase cost of materials due to markets and inflation.
  20. Will outdoor showers have hot water? 
    1. No.
  21. Will indoor showers have real faucets (not pull chains)?
    1. Yes


  1. What is the proposed size for the Exercise Room?
    1. 968 square feet
  2. Will there be showers in the Fitness Center?  (asked in 3 sessions)
    1. No; expected to go home.
  3. Do you have enough fitness equipment?  (asked in 3 sessions)
    1. No, will need to purchase more over time.
  4. What is Exercise Room flooring?  (asked in 2 sessions) 
    1. Cushioned wood floor
  5. Will there be an Attendant in the Fitness Center? 
    1. Yes
  6. Will we still have swipe cards?
    1. Not at the temporary location, but barcode readers will be at the new site.
  7. Why are we having an Attendant in the Fitness Center?  Unnecessarily spent money?
    1. Attendants will be staffed as need and will be part of the pool staffing budget.


  1. What is the timing of the project?
    1. Bids due May 1st.  Bids discussed at BOD meeting on Saturday, May 5th.  BOD tentatively awarding Contract at BOD meeting on May 16th.  Work to begin mid to late June.
  2. How did you determine # of handicapped spaces needed?
    1. First had 50; reduced to 25.
  3. Has a Geo Technical Evaluation been completed?
    1. Yes.
  4. Can solar heating be added for the outdoor showers? 
    1. Don’t know.
  5. Are the 25 handicapped spaces for use by whom? 
    1. With permit, for anyone using Clubhouse, tot lot, pool, fitness, etc.
  6. Can some of the handicapped spaces be designated for families with young children? 
    1. No, there is a drop off area.  (But parents cannot drop off young children.)
  7. Is the Tot Lot staying? 
    1. Yes.
  8. Will the Concession Stand have hot dogs and hamburgers? 
    1. The concession stand will have hot dogs but not hamburgers. It will also have other food such as popcorn, ice cream, candy and chips. Will also have some premade sandwiches from the Clubhouse.

Site Tour Q & A


  1. Will the existing building be torn down?
    1. Yes, by the end of June
  2. Will a model be built of the new site?
    1. No
  3. What types of materials will be used for the building?
    1. CMU Block, steel, wood, asphalt shingle, hardi plank and brick cladding.
  4. What’s the elevation of the new Pool – same as current pool, or higher?
    1. Higher 325 vs. 321.5 above mean sea level

 Access Road & Walking Trail

  1. Will the existing path (from Clubhouse Point to end of basketball courts, and beyond) remain after construction?  What parts will be accessible during construction?
    1. The path will stay. Some walking space may be available outside the construction area.
  2. Does the access road stay as is?  Even during construction?
    1. Yes and open during construction.
  3. Is the [retaining] wall staying? 
    1. Yes
  4. Which trees are staying and which ones are going?
    1. The LOWA Christmas Tree (Blue spruce) will stay.
Trees between the retaining wall and pool fence will be removed.
Trees between the large fenced basketball court and existing Fitness Center access road will be removed.
  1. How many basketball courts will remain?
    1. One
  2. What’s happening to the volleyball court?  Will it be moved elsewhere?
    1. Water volleyball will be available on occasion in the pool. Indoor Volleyball is also available at the community center.
  3. Will the bikes, elliptical, and treadmills be looking out over the lake?
    1. Yes
  4. Does the utility area and tank stay?
    1. Yes
  5. Will there be umbrellas or something for shade at the new pool (since trees are coming down)?
    1. Use existing umbrellas.
  6. What type of fencing will be put up?
    1. Black aluminum, similar to sweetbriar.
  7. Will the snack bar serve alcohol?
    1. No
  1. Where will handicapped parking be during construction and how many spaces will there be?  When will the cart be running between the [main] parking lot and the clubhouse?
    1. No handicap parking during construction on the upper level. The golf cart shuttle will be in use during Clubhouse dinner hours. There will also be spaces available near the dock.
  2. Is the new parking lot all handicapped spaces?  What if LOW doesn’t need all 25 new handicapped spaces?  Will some be re-assigned (especially in the early morning)?
    1. All spaces are handicap parking only

Transition Q & A

 Walking Trails

  1. Will the section of walking trail eliminated during construction be restored after the project ends? 
    1. Yes.
  2. Where along the trail will the work area end?
    1. At the sailboat beach.
  3. Will mulch be applied on the grassy area where the walking trail is to be eliminated so one doesn’t have to walk through mud?
    1. No

Bathrooms by the Beach

  1. When the bathrooms by the current Clubhouse pool are gone, will there be bathroom facilities near the beach?
    1. Yes, there will be ADA compliant porta-johns.
Comment: Many porta-johns don’t have sufficient space for a parent to accompany a handicapped child or for a wheelchair user.  Bathrooms need to accommodate these residents and attendees at Adaptive Watersports events.
Comment: Install portable handwashing stations at the porta-johns.
Comment: Having hand sanitizers inside porta-johns is a better alternative than separate handwashing stations.

Fitness Center Relocation

  1. Will the entrance stairs from the upper level of the Clubhouse to the lower level be locked?
    1. Yes.
  2. Is there a need for increased ventilation in the relocated Fitness Center?
    1. No
  3. Will the temporary Fitness Center be on both levels? 
    1. Yes.
  4. What will be the hours at the Fitness Center? 
    1. 5 am to 10 pm
  5. Are there restrooms in the lower level of the Clubhouse?
    1. Yes
  6. Will all the fitness equipment be moved to the new location in the lower level?
    1. Yes
  7. Is there sufficient electrical power for the relocated Fitness Center?
    1. Yes
  8. Will the treadmill that is out of service now be replaced?
    1. Not until the new building is constructed
  9. Will the rates for the Fitness Center increase once the new one is built?
    1. Member of Fitness Committee responded that there is likely to be a small increase but no final decision at this point.)
Comment/Suggestion:  Current Fitness Center users pay a special lower rate once the new facility opens since they will be inconvenienced this year.
Will there be a full-time or part-time staff person assigned to the new Fitness Center?


  1. What will be the hours of the Sweetbriar Pool this summer?
    1. From 5/28 to 8/12: 12:30 to 8 pm; after 8/13: 2 to 8 pm.
  2. Is there any plan to reinstate the pool fee?
    1. Not at this time.
  3. Will the Swim Team use of Sweetbriar impact pool use by others? 
    1. No, Swim Team has early practices.
  4. Will the Swim Team be able to use the new Clubhouse pool?
    1. Yes, if needed and scheduled, but there will be not diving.


  1. Will construction impact the current parking lot? Where will construction equipment be?
    1. All efforts will be made to limit the impact of construction on available parking spaces.
Comment:  There are too many handicapped spaces in the new parking lot
Comment: Anticipate parking violations and a need for increased security.

Pickleball, Volleyball

  1. Where will the new pickleball courts be located?
    1. Holleyfield Park
  2. What will happen to the current outdoor pickleball court near the dog run area?
    1. Will be eliminated.
  3. During the winter, will pickleball still be played in the Community Center? 
    1. Yes.

Availability of Rooms

  1. How is the availability of rooms affected by the transition?  
    1. Things are tight, but groups have been accommodated.  ECC has moved into the Cardinal/Trophy room for four months, but once they move to new building, some space will free up.
  2. Where will Stretch and Flex be?
    1. See Lake Currents for the new schedule
  3. Where will the blood drive be?
    1. Marion Pronk Hall

 Finance Q & A

  1. How is the interest rate calculated?
    1. 7 year Treasury Bond plus 2.4%.
  2. When is the interest rate locked in?
    1. At time of closing of bank loan.
  3. Did we negotiate with the banks to obtain the best interest rate?
    1. Yes, we contacted eight banks and received proposals from six. Two were selected for final interviews with the BOD.
  4. What factors will be considered in choosing the winning construction bid?
    1. Price and level of experience with this type of project.
  5. If members pay in full, is there a cost savings to the Association?
    1. Yes, this will lower the amount borrowed which will result in savings on interest for all members of the Association.
  6. What are we doing to encourage members to pay the entire assessment of $1,337 in full?
    1. We are accepting payments in advance at the $191 per year estimated amount. If the assessment decreases from the $191 estimate in future years, members who have paid in advance will be credited with the difference.
  7. What collateral is required for the loan?
    1. Assignment of Borrower’s assessments and other recurring income.
  8. Is it possible that the repayment period for members will extend more than 7 years?
    1. No, the estimated assessments are based on a 7 year loan amortization.
  9. What fees will be paid to the Mutual of Omaha?
    1. Prepayment due to Refinance (1% of principal balance at time of payoff); Request to re-amortize loan balance in excess of one per year ($100); Lender’s Legal Fees ($5,000); Fees for 3rd party inspection reports for draws in excess of $2M and final draw.
  10. Do all draws require inspection by bank or 3rd party?
    1. Draws in excess of $2M and the final draw require 3rd party inspection.
  11. What costs are included in the CARC total project estimate?
    1. All design, construction and loan costs.
  12. What if the bids come in at more than the estimated cost?
    1. The Board has determined a maximum loan amount of $5M. If construction costs plus other project costs exceed $5M, the Board will discuss ways to reduce the cost of the project.
  13. What is the process we will use to review bids and award the construction contract?
    1. Currently being reviewed, followed by interviews with the bidders. Information included in the May 16 board packets.