Updated 11/13/18: Alert -Forced Main Break 2900 Block of Lakeview PKWY


Sewage Leak Update- E-coli Levels in Cove  Below State Approved Thresholds November 13, 2018

Members may now resume their water activities in the cove located between Edgemont Circle and Boxwood Trail.

LOWA lake water test results, from six lake locations on November 9, show that e-coli levels are now below the state recommended threshold 
in and around the cove located between
Edgemont Circle & Boxwood Trail (Section 5). 

Since the RSA forced main break (sewage leak) of November 2, LOWA took multiple tests six locations both within the cove and in the adjacent area. 
The e-coli impact had been localized to the area of the lake noted below.
Members should note that the Main Lake is not a source of drinking water.

November 7, 2018

Members should continue to avoid all water activities 
in and around the cove located between 
Edgemont Circle & Boxwood Trail until further notice.

As of November 7, LOWA lake water test results still show that e-coli levels are higher than the state recommended threshold in the cove located between Edgemont Circle & Boxwood Trail (Section 5).

LOWA will continue to monitor and sample the area impacted by the RSA sewer leak of November 2. When results return below state recommended threshold levels, we will send out an email to update members at that time.


11/3/18- 11:30 AM

LOWA is continuing to monitor the RSA leak, the initial lake water testresults showed high levels of E.coli (swimming not recommended at this time in the cove across from Monroe Street). We will continue to take samples until results are below state the recommended threshold levels, at which time we will notify the community of the change in status.


LOWA is monitoring this situation closely. For questions or for more info please contact RSA directly at (540) 972-2133 or visit www.rapidan.org

Sharing the following notice on behalf of RSA:

Lake of the Woods Customers
November 02, 2018

RSA experienced a force main break on 2900 block of Lakeview Parkway inside Lake of the Woods this morning. The crew is on site at this time preparing to repair the broken line. We expect the line to be back in service no later than early this afternoon. RSA has notified DEQ of the situation and is taking the appropriate steps to mitigate the situation.



RSA experienced a force main break (6” main) on Lakeview Parkway inside Lake of the Woods this morning.  Sewage leaving the broken main traveled approximately 100’ from the break site into the large lake at Lake of the Woods through an approximate 3’ wide creek.  RSA was  notified of the break by our on-call service at 6:37 a.m.  An RSA technician arrived on-site at approximately 8:00 a.m. and shut the station off.  We are estimating that 18,000 gallons made its way into the lake.  We have collected a sample from the lake to have analyzed.  We are waiting on the last Ms. Utility ticket to clear in order to excavate and repair the broken line. The area from the break to the lake will be disinfected completely with lime.   
Should you have any further questions, please contact RSA at (540) 972-2133.