2021 LOWA Board Election


How to Vote in the 2021 LOWA Board Elections

VOTE ONLINE VIA ELECTRONIC MEANS by using the QR Code shown above to complete and submit Proxy Ballot electronically or open your browser and go to the following address:
It is an easy, economical, and secure way to vote.  Vote electronically by September 4 from your computer or smartphone, following the online instructions.

VOTE BY ELECTRONIC MEANS USING A TELEPHONE by calling a voter specialist at Vote-Now.com at (855) 335-8393 to identify yourself, receive your unique 12-digit voter code, and complete the voting process.  Vote by telephone by September 4.

VOTE BY PAPER PROXY BALLOT  by dropping-off/mailing your paper proxy ballot in care of the Elections Committee to the Holcomb Building, 102 Lakeview Parkway, Locust Grove, Virginia, 22508 to be received by September 4. You may also bring your paper proxy ballot to the Annual Meeting on September 6.
(click here to down load the paper ballot)

 VOTE IN PERSON AT THE ANNUAL MEETING.  Same-day Paper Ballots will be available for those attending the Annual Meeting of the Membership in person on September 6 at 10:00 a.m. 

Thank you for participating in the decision-making process of our community!


Candidate Bios

Three candidates are running uncontested to fill three seats that will become vacant in September 2021. Two candidates will be elected to a three-year term; and one candidate elected to a one-year term.
Walt Diercks
Rick Rappoport
Cliff Wilks
LOWA needs a minimum of 800 votes to secure a quorum for the meeting. Meeting notices will be sent out at the end of July and members may vote online using their unique code (as noted on the notice) via Vote-Now.Com (preferred method), via telephone voting with Vote-Now.Com, by paper proxy ballot or in person at the Annual Meeting of the Membership on Monday, Sept. 6, 2021.
To gain cost efficiency, we plan to have Vote-Now.Com email electronic ballots to all lot owners with the emails on file with LOWA. Paper ballots will also be included in a future edition of Lake Currents. 

Candidates Forum

Walt Diercks

LOW Residence: 226 Birchside Circle since ’97 (full-time since ‘13)
Family: Wife: Mary-Jane Atwater
Two adult daughters
Education and Training:
Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst., ‘67
Juris Doctor, UVA, ‘72
Relevant Experience Summary:
Over 40 years’ experience in corporate organization and governance and managing and planning for corporate financial obligations.  Member, Virginia, D.C, and U.S. Supreme Court bars
Career History:
Partner in Washington, D.C. law firm ‘81-present (semi-retired since July 2013)
General Counsel, Washington Star Newspaper, ‘77-‘81
Deputy Asst. Director & Attorney, Federal Trade Commission, ‘72-‘77
Engineer in private industry, ‘68-‘70
Community Service:
Director of Lake of the Woods Association, 2018-present (Secretary 2018-19, Treasurer 2019-present); member, LOW Lions Club (2015-present), volunteer for Wilderness Food Pantry and other club programs; volunteer, LOWLINC (2014-present), volunteer providing services to members; providing pro bono legal assistance to local non-profit organizations, including LOWLINC, LOW Lions Club, LOW Lions Club Foundation, LOW Lioness Lions Club, LOW Lioness Lions Club Foundation, LGA and Friends of Lake of the Woods (2014-present); providing free notary services to residents of Lake of the Woods (2015-present).
LOWA Committees:
50th Anniversary Ad Hoc Committee, ‘16-‘17
Clubs and Organizations:
Volunteer, LOWLINC; Member, LOW Lions Club
Why do you want to serve on the Board?
I have served as an LOWA director for almost three years, including one year as Secretary and as Treasurer since September 2019. I have taken a leadership role in LOWA’s successful response to the operational and fiscal challenges created by COVID-19, including obtaining $782,000 from the Paycheck Protection Program and the very favorable refinancing of the mortgage for the Clubhouse Area Recreation Complex. LOWA will be facing additional COVID-19 challenges during at least the next year. I believe that my experience on the Board and as Treasurer, coupled with my professional experience as an engineer and as a lawyer on corporate governance and financial issues, will enable me to assist LOWA in meeting those challenges. 
What personal strengths do you think you bring to the Board of Directors?
A track record in identifying and solving problems and reducing conflicts, which includes the ability to listen carefully. Ability to work constructively with a group. Ability to understand financial statements, budgets, and fiscal planning. A thorough understanding of LOWA’s budget and financial performance.
What do you think is the most pressing issue facing LOWA?
The most pressing issue is the short-and long-term financial health of LOWA. In the short term, this means dealing with the continued challenges created by COVID-19 as the pandemic hopefully recedes. On an on-going basis, LOWA also must continue cost-effective efforts to improve the water quality of our lakes and undertake projects to improve storm water management. Longer term, LOWA must address the financial challenges created by the trend of reduced income from tenant fees, as well as the anticipated reduction in New Construction & Renovations fees as the relatively few remaining undeveloped lots are developed. Those challenges will put pressure on the assessment. 
If elected, what do you see as the most important short-and long-term goals for the LOWA community?
Our members have a right to expect that our Restrictive Covenants and Regulations will be enforced fairly and promptly. No member should have to live next to a poorly maintained lot for extended periods of time. A short-to mid-term goal is to continue to develop and use innovative methods of enforcement, including passing along to violators of our Covenants and Regulations the costs incurred by LOWA because of those violations. As noted above, our long-term goal must be securing the financial health of LOWA while maintaining services and keeping our amenities and common areas well-maintained and up-to-date.

Rick Rappoport

LOW Residence: 101 Woodland Trail (2014-present); member since 2007
Family: Wife: Christy; 3 adult children, 8 grandchildren
Education and Training:
The American University, BS in Justice, 1985
The FBI National Academy, Quantico VA 1992
Relevant Experience Summary:
A 40-year career in law enforcement with over 25 years in senior command positions; administrative and budget experience; leadership positions in several professional associations.

 Career History:
1976-2000: Fairfax County Police Dept; Patrol Officer – Deputy Chief of Police
2000-2014: Fairfax City Police Dept; Chief of Police
2014-2015: Amtrak Police Dept; Deputy Chief of Police (Mid-Atlantic Division)
Adj. Professor, George Mason University, 2010-2014
International Association of Chiefs of Police, Civil Rights Committee
Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police (VACP), Executive Board, President
Virginia Police Chiefs Foundation, Executive Board
FBI National Academy Associates (FBINAA), VA Board, President
Boy Scouts of America, National Capital Area Council, Executive Board
Community Service:
Lake of the Woods Lions Club: Member 2015-present; Board of Directors 2016-18; President 2018-19
LOW Lions Wilderness Food Pantry: volunteer 2018-present; Chair, Board of Directors, 2020-21
LOWLINC: Volunteer since its inception
LOWA Committees:
LOWA Planning Committee, 2015-19
LOWA Safety & Security Committee, 2017-20, Chair 2019-20
Clubs and Organizations:
LOW Woodworkers Club
Why do you want to serve on the Board?
Preserving and protecting the property values and the quality of life in a community of this size is a complex undertaking. I believe that my professional skills will be of value in representing the interests of the membership and working with the Association Board and its leadership team to enhance our community.
What personal strengths do you bring to the Board of Directors?
Significant experience in working collaboratively with others, problem solving, and finding consensus on complex issues that enable organizations to move forward. 
What do you think is the most pressing issue facing LOWA?
LOW has an aging infrastructure that will require repair/replacement to maintain the quality of life that we enjoy. At the same time, our funding sources are evolving. For example, road fees associated with new construction will decline in the coming years. The Board will be challenged to balance changes to fees and assessments with opportunities to increase revenues from our amenities. Where capacity exists to add income from outside users, without an adverse impact on use by LOW members, may be part of the solution.
If elected, what do you see as the most important short and long term goals for the LOWA community?
Short term:  Complete the referendum. The outcome will have a large impact on how LOWA enforces community standards and on the funding required (annual assessments) to do so. 
Long term:  With more and more development in and around Orange County our property values will increase, IF we maintain the quality of the community. More development around us will affect traffic, noise, stormwater runoff and water quality. LOWA should strive to be a best-value community, not a deteriorating community in the middle of nicer neighborhoods. That will require an active role in Orange County affairs and a commitment to make wise investments in community infrastructure. We all want to pay the lowest assessment possible, but not at the expense of losing value in our larger home investment.  

Clifton D. Wilks

LOW Residence:  1531 Lakeview Parkway
Family: Mary Kay Wilks (wife), permanent LOW residents since 2003, Kathryn Jackson, Daughter
Education and Training: Frank W. Ballou High School, Washington DC.; Training through U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), U.S. Postal Service (USPS, including advanced advocacy training in multiple forums.), Northern Virginia Community College, Germanna Community College.

Occupation/ Career History:
Retired USPTO, 2009
2006-2009: Supervisory Human Resources
Specialist, Employee Relations, USPTO
2005-2006: Human Resources Specialist, Labor Relations, USPTO
2003-2005; Area Labor Relations Specialist, Mid-Atlantic Area, USPS
1986-2003: Labor Relations Asst. Labor Relations Specialist and Manager, Labor Relations, USPS
1977-1986: Supervisor, USPS
1973-1977: Clerk, USPS
Experience Summary
22 years of Human Resources with the USPTO and the USPS
36 years of Federal service.
USPS Agency Hearing Representative:
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC),
Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB), and
Grievance/Arbitration Procedures
LOWA Board & Committees:
President of the Association, 2018-2020
Vice-President of the Association, January-September 2018
Board Liaison to the following committees:  Rules, M&E, ECC, LCC, Equestrian, Safety & Security, Honors & Awards. 
Member of the Investment Committee
Rules Committee, Secretary and Chair; 2012-2016. Outstanding Service Award, 2015.
Ad Hoc Pool Fitness Center Outdoor Recreation Complex Committee, 2016; LOWA Outstanding Committee Chair award, 2016.
Clubs and Organizations:
Member and past president, NARFE Chapter 1885.
Cause for Paws
What personal strengths do you think you bring to the Board of Directors?
As Association President, I followed Robert’s Rules of Order to set the proposed agendas through the offices of the General Manager, conduct the meetings and the business of the Association. It takes four votes to get anything done on the Board. Directors were able to advance their specific causes or not through the voting process. We were able to reach consensus on many issues and advance the welfare of the Association and its Members. In addition, when on the Rules Committee and the Ad Hoc Pool Fitness Center Committee, I prepared agendas and ensured that they were properly posted for the members. When conducting the meetings, the agenda was the blueprint for getting work done. I am an honest person with a strong sense of fair play. My work experience involved working with people striving to achieve win-win solutions when possible.
What do you think is the most pressing issue facing LOWA?
The most pressing issue is guiding our amenities to recovery from the effects of the pandemic. Businesses and amenities are opening for fuller participation by Members. The Board must look for ways to increase revenue and reduce expenses where possible. In addition, the Board continues to support the current referendum to help maintain community standards. Failure to pass the referendum will have long term negative impact on the cost for seeking Member compliance with those that violate the Covenants, Rules, and Regulations.
If elected, what do you see as the most important short- and long-term goals for the LOWA community?
In response to the previous question, I outlined what I believe are the most important short-term goals. In the longer term, we must update our Lakes Management plan, including managing several stormwater hotspots. The Patrick Henry Court to Small Marina project needs to be completed also. We continue to improve our financial procedures, including fixed asset management, through the Director of Finance and with the participation of appropriate committees. As always, the Association needs to strike a balance between maintaining and/or enhancing amenities and the financial stresses of ever-increasing assessments.