Board of Directors Official Slate of Candidates



Vote in the 2020 LOWA Board Election

The candidates are*:
Carl D. Clawson
Teri Vickery 

Check out the Candidate Profiles, below, for the 2020 LOWA Board Election. Two candidates are running uncontested to fill two seats that will become vacant in September 2020. Each candidate will be elected to a three-year term.
As LOWA is a non-stock corporation, we must hold an election at a called Meeting of the Membership, even when the candidates are uncontested. LOWA needs a minimum of 800 votes to secure a quorum for the meeting. Meeting notices will be sent out at the end of July and members may vote online using their unique code (as noted on the notice) via Vote-Now.Com (preferred method), via telephone voting with Vote-Now.Com, by paper proxy ballot (available only by request), or in person at the Annual Meeting of the Membership on Monday, Sept. 7, 2020.
To gain cost efficiency, Vote-Now.Com will email all lot owners with the emails on file with LOWA. Those owners who do not have an email on file will receive a letter stating the owner can request a paper proxy ballot. Paper proxy ballots are available only by request.
*The Nominating Committee officially received three applications for candidacy. After the Board of Directors accepted the slate of Candidates during the June 10, 2020, meeting, candidate Carl J. Memmer withdrew his name from consideration due to personal reasons.
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Carl D. Clawson
LOW Residence: 103 Liberty Blvd.
Family: Wife: Vickie Spencer; two sons and a grandson.
Education and Training:
Four years of Apprentice School with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America.
Journeyman’s Certificate, 1973. Also hold a Home Inspector Certificate.

Career History:
  • 2014-2020: Retired Class A and Class B Contractor living in Lake of the Woods running a small repair business with my two sons.
  • 1992-2014: Sole proprietor of Carl Clawson Renovations Inc, home remodeling and repair.
  • 1990-1992: Senior Vice President, Diversified Renovations Incorporated.
  • 1986-1990: General Superintendent, three construction companies in Fredericksburg, Fairfax and, Washington, DC.
  • 1985-1986: General Superintendent, Metal Foam Industries, Uniontown, Ala.
  • 1976-1985: Sole Proprietor, Neighborhood Home Repair, Birmingham, Ala.
Community Service:
Currently serving on the LOWA Board of Directors - four years.
Board Liaison to Legal & Compliance, Clubhouse, and Community Youth Activities
LOWA Committees
Member, Environmental Control Committee and Equestrian Committee; Secretary and Vice Chair of Maintenance and Ecology Committee.
Clubs and Organizations
  • Volunteer with the LOW Church group Home Help.
  • Member of LOWLINC and Lake of the Woods Lions Club.
  • I am and always will be an Eagle Scout. Served as Assistant Scoutmaster in Stafford.
  • Unit Commissioner for National Capitol Area Council, BSA.
  • Florence D. Helms Award for service to youth of Stafford County.
  • Board of Directors with S.E.R.V.E. (Stafford Emergency Relief through Volunteer Efforts,) a non-profit organization in Stafford County to help the less fortunate.
Why do you want to serve on the Board?
I wish to continue serving on the board to help with the coordination between Members, Committees and Management.
What personal strengths do you bring to the Board of Directors?
I believe that my background running a construction company for over 40 years and my participation as a coordinator of various projects over the years more than qualify me for the board.
What do you think is the most pressing issue facing LOWA?
We are about to spend millions of dollars on projects in the Lake that will affect the membership financially. If elected I will look at the requirements for these projects along with the cost and how these projects will be paid for. I will keep the cost at a minimum while trying to get the highest quality of product available.
As we face the pressing problems now and, in the future, we must learn from past mistakes over the years and apply that knowledge to any decision made now. History should not repeat itself.
The problems that I believe are pressing now are the money being spent on studies from outside sources on projects that never come to pass. An example, the Equestrian Center that was to be built behind 9.9. As for the future, if not handled correctly, the third gate, the Woods Center renovations will be over budget, thus a raise in the amenity fee. We must work within our budget.
If elected, what do you see as the most important short- and long-term goals for the LOWA community?
Short Term Goal:
Setting up an easier system to get the membership to vote on future referendums that change the way we manage and operate in Lake of The Woods. We must get the membership to vote one way or the other so we can close the process.
Long Term Goal #1:
When we resurface the roads on major thoroughfares in the lake (Lakeview Parkway for instance), for the safety of our members widen the road to add at least one side to install a walking path.
Long Term Goal #2:
Stop doing temporary repairs and patches to our ditches, roadways, and amenities.
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Teri Vickery
LOW Residence: 1355 Lakeview Parkway
Family:  Husband of 15 years, Doug.
Education and Training:  BA in Anthropology and Latin American Studies from the University of Virginia.
Relevant Experience Summary:  
35 years of experience in A) financial analysis and decision-making for international corporate lending, B) analysis of business plans and cash flow statements, and C) working with different interest groups to find compromise. Various leadership positions, both in the U.S. and internationally, with commercial banks and the Department of Agriculture (USDA). Courses in Strategic Planning, Leading People, Managing for Results, Conflict Resolution and Executive Survival Skills. Active participation in numerous LOWA committees and clubs since moving here in 2017.
Career History:
Career of 35 years in credit risk management. Senior credit risk manager in international banking for 25 years. Ten years managing risk for a $5 billion credit guarantee program at USDA.
  • Manager of Risk and Asset Management Branch - USDA – Washington, DC.
  • Director and Deputy Regional Chief Credit Officer – Deutsche Bank – New York, NY.
  • Managing Director and Regional Portfolio Manager – Bank of America – Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • Senior Vice President and Capital Markets Credit Risk Manager – Bank of America – Hong Kong.
  • Country Credit Manager – Bank of America – Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • Vice President – The Chase Manhattan Bank – New York, NY; Sao Paulo, Brazil and Paris, France.
Community Service:
LOW Lions Club – Chair of Finance Committee; member of Investment Committee and Nominating Committee; previously member of Awards Committee. Volunteer at Eyeglass Center, Food Bank and Blood Drive.
Friends of Lake of the Woods (FLOW) – Director since 2019. Helped raise funds for new Fitness Center, benches for Dog Park and new Lions Pavilion.
Orange County Elections Officer – since moving to Orange County in 2017.
LOWA Committees:
  • LOWA Fitness Committee – 3 years; Vice Chair in year 2 and Chair currently.
  • LOWA Planning Committee – 2 years.
  • LOW Nominating Committee – 1 year.
Clubs and Organizations:
  • LOW Pickleball Club
  • LOW Democratic Club
Why do you want to serve on the Board?
I believe that I have the skill set required to be a knowledgeable, informed, and balanced Board member. I have the financial and operational experience to help LOWA move forward over the next three years, especially as the community adjusts to, and recovers from, the COVID-19 pandemic. Since moving to Lake of the Woods in June of 2017, I have found myself getting more and more involved in the community because I care about it and want to serve its members. It was difficult for me to volunteer during my professional career due to long work hours, significant travel and many years living overseas. Now that I am settled at Lake of the Woods, I have discovered a passion for participating. I see being on the Board as a way of giving back to a community that provides me with wonderful friends and neighbors as well as a lifestyle that I truly appreciate.
What personal strengths do you bring to the Board of Directors?
My friends and family consider me to be a level-headed, honest, efficient, detail-oriented person. I do my best to listen to others and ask questions to understand their point of view. My years of living around the world have helped me to understand and accept people of different backgrounds and to work with them to find compromise so that everyone feels like their opinions have been considered. I am thorough in my research and deliberate in my decisions. I have integrity and a strong sense of fairness. I understand financial statements, budgets, and fiscal planning. I am familiar with the proposed capital projects in the pipeline as well as the LOWA budget process, given my time on the Planning Committee. I have presented capital projects at two Town Halls and I have twice participated in the joint Finance and Planning Committees budget reviews.
What do you think is the most pressing issue facing LOWA?
The most immediate issue is the COVID-19 pandemic and how it will impact Lake of the Woods. This is a time of great uncertainty with many financial and operational challenges ahead of us. The Board will have to make difficult decisions about the budget and which items can be financed, and when, based on LOWA’s cash flow. This pandemic is likely to have a long-lasting effect on the community’s wherewithal. In addition, it will make it even more challenging to keep a balance between maintaining our community so that it is both safe and inviting while ensuring fiscal prudence. The expense to operate this community is significant, somewhat fixed, and subject to inflation. The Board needs to be prudent in deciding what to fund in a particular year and what can be pushed to a reasonable time in the future. It is also important to be cognizant of previous issues, such as division in the community and embezzlement of LOWA funds, to ensure they do not repeat themselves.
If elected, what do you see as the most important short and long-term goals for the LOWA community?
Short term:
The primary short-term goal is to maintain the physical, operational, and financial health of LOWA given the COVID-19 pandemic. Additional short-term goals focus around stormwater management, including Patrick Henry Court Drainage, 100 Monroe Street Culvert, 10th Fairway Redesign and ongoing ditch restoration.
Long term:
The Germanna Wilderness Area Plan, although a fifty-year plan, is already starting to have an impact on Lake of the Woods. We need to think about all potential impacts and plan accordingly. That includes areas such as a potential third gate and improved security at all gates, stormwater management and possible fencing along Route 3. Other long-term goals include making fiber optic broadband available to residents and making the Fareways Café profitable by expanding it to allow more people and a broader menu. It is imperative that we maintain, and improve where possible, the amenities at Lake of the Woods to protect our home values while implementing prudent budgeting.