LOWA Coronavirus Updates

  • Gathering Restrictions
    • Indoor 50 People
    • Outdoor 100 People
  • Event/Entertainment Venue Restrictions: (Mainly applies to Concerts on the Point)
    • Indoor 30 percent capacity or with a maximum of 500 people
    • Outdoor venues must operate at 30 percent capacity, with no specific cap on the number of attendees
LOWA Encourages all member to register to receive their vaccination.
Although many of our members have received the COVID-19 vaccine, LOWA continues to enforce the state mandated guidelines for indoor /outdoor gatherings, mask wearing and social distancing. We anticipate that these restrictions will likely be lessened as more people are vaccinated and the percent positivity continues to drop throughout the state. In the meantime, we ask members to be patient and respectful to the staff who are obligated to enforce these restrictions.

For official information regarding coronavirus visit these websites.



​For information regarding LOWA Employee Cornonavirus Cases visit: www.lowa.org/LOWACOVID (member login required)


On April 4, the LOWA Board of Directors voted on the following actions to assist Members with Annual Assessment payments and Amenity Memberships: 
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Annual Assessment packages were sent to all Members on March 27, 2020 with instructions on how and when to make your Annual Assessment payment. Annual Assessment payments are due each year on or before May 1. 

If you currently find yourself in a financial situation where paying the Assessment will be challenging, we are here to help. Please contact either me or Janice Stafford, our Assessments Coordinator, as soon as possible and we will work with you on payment plan options.  

Contact us at FrontDesk@LOWA.org or 540-972-2237.

Members are able to pay the full amount of their Annual Assessment up front or participate in one of our payment plan options and make payments quarterly or semi-annually.  If you plan to select a payment plan option, you must make arrangements with our Finance Department to do so by completing the Direct Payment Plan Authorization Form (found on the website and with your Assessment package), and submitting it with your first payment.  Taking these actions will keep you in good standing and allow you continued access to all of the community amenities. 

Please note that Members who do not pay up front or arrange to participate in one of the payment plan options in a timely fashion will not be considered in good standing.  Members who are not in good standing will not be permitted use of the member bar-code lane and amenities for themselves, their family members, tenants and/or guests. 

Typically, surcharges, late payment and interest can be charged for those who do not choose to pay the full amount of their Assessment up front.  However, realizing that this is an unusual year for all of us due to the COVID-19 pandemic, at the April 4, 2020 Board of Directors meeting, while emphasizing the importance of owners paying their assessments on time, the Board took action and voted to waive interest, late payment, and payment plan surcharges until August 1, 2020 for those Members experiencing financial hardships. 

In order to take advantage of the fee and interest waivers,  Members must contact the Finance Department, request and complete the hardship request forms, and set up a payment plan with us.  By doing this, you will maintain your Membership in good standing and have full use of the amenities.  As a reminder, Annual Assessment amounts cannot be reduced or waived.  When completing your forms and applications, please remember to sign all waivers, complete all necessary information, double check your math, and return all completed paperwork so we can insure your accounts are updated in a timely manner.

Many of the LOW clubs and groups with scheduled activities taking place WITHIN LOW have opted to postpone or suspend their event or activity. As we become aware of these cancellations we will note them on our website at:

We encourage all members to protect themselves and their neighbors by practicing Social Distancing as recommended by the CDC.


Considering recent worldwide concerns with Coronavirus, the GM and Communications Manager have developed two fliers to promote good health practices: one for LOWA employees and one for LOWA Members. LOWA Maintenance is taking extra precautions such as routinely cleaning all frequently touched surfaces and providing disposable wipes so that commonly used surfaces can be wiped down by employees. All other departments are cleaning frequently-touched surfaces such as golf carts and fitness equipment. 

LOWA Prevention Flier- Employees
LOWA Prevention Flier- Members