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The Lake of the Woods Association, Inc., a non-stock, not-for-profit Virginia Corporation, is managed by a professional staff of paid employees. A General Manager, hired by the Board, is responsible for every aspect of the operation and financial health of the corporation. Management works closely with cost center managers in the operation, planning, and coordination of projects, programs, daily routines, and expenses of those cost centers. A brief breakdown of the various operations is as follows:

Administrative Office: (Office hours are 8:30am to 5pm Mon-Fri and 9am to 1pm Saturdays)

Physical and mailing address is: 102 Lakeview Pkwy, Locust Grove VA 22508

*Note: If requesting a resale disclosure packet, please initiate the request via
Main phone number is: (540) 972-2237   Fax number is (540) 972-2243

Security / Front Gate: 540-972-2210
TEKControl Visitor Management- Admit Guests to the Community
 For help with TEKControl email:

Amenities Contacts:

In addition to the Administration staff, the Association has the following cost center staff whose primary function is the efficient operation of their cost center. It may be the purpose of the Board and General Manager to promote the health, safety, and beauty of the community, but it is the task of these cost center managers to see that planning efforts result in positive improvements. The beauty of the community is a credit to these individuals and their respective staffs.

To contact the Board- email:

Administration Staff:

Lake of the Woods Association Org Chart
  • General Manager- Phil Rodenberg
    • 540-972-2214
    • Manages day-to-day operations, maintenance and security of all LOWA properties and personnel. ​
  • Director of Facilities (Vacant)
    • 540-972-2254  
    • Oversees all facilities management staff. 
  • Finance Department
    • 540-972-2212
    • Supervises the entire accounting/bookkeeping department. Prepares all audit documents, monthly financial reports, and works with the Association Treasurer. Investigates all contracts, insurance, and reserve expenditures. Anticipates cash flow needs and keeps the General Manager and Board informed of the financial health of the Association. (Accounting Cost Center Mgr)
  • Administrative Assistant- Lorri Troccio
    • 540-972-2214 
    • Works directly with the Assistant General Manager and General Manager on Board agenda preparation, information dissemination, record-keeping, committee information, etc.  
  • Committee Clerk- Faye Mohler
    • 540-972-2229
    • Works to prepare committee documents, reports, minutes for distribution.  
  • Assessment Coordinator
    • 540-972-2228
    • Handles all amenity and membership cards, payments and problems.  
  • Member Services Receptionist
    • 540-972-2237 
    • Meets and assists all residents at the front desk. Refers all inquires to appropriate personnel and handles membership, payment and real estate transactions.  
  • Communications Manager- Carolyn Brodeur
    • Items for Lake Currents Communications Department, 540-972-2278
    • Channel 18, 540-972-8571  
    • Works with committees, administration, community and advertisers to prepare and disseminate information on a timely basis via Lake Currents, website, Channel 18, social media, mass email messages and Info Center.