RFP Golf Maintenance Contract 2021


Request for Proposals
Golf Maintenance Contract
RFP Issue Date: November 1, 2021
Proposal Due Date: January 7, 2022, at 2:00 p.m.
I Introduction
  1. Overall Scope
Lake of the Woods Association, Inc., (LOWA) a large-scale community association of 4,257 private home lots and over 8,000 residents, seeks to secure the services of a qualified operator to oversee all golf course maintenance operations for the 18-hole Lake of the Woods Golf Club (LOWGC). 
The project area includes all exterior areas of the golf course within the out of bounds markers, as well as the maintenance of the Woods Center lawn, landscaping, and parking lot adjacent to the course. LOWA Maintenance maintains environmentally sensitive areas on the 13th Fairway and 14th Pond Area. (See Map at Attachment 1 in Section VI.)
The CONTRACTOR will provide professional staff and qualified individuals to maintain the health and beauty of the LOWGC and to enhance the overall playing experience. It is anticipated that the CONTRACTOR will enter into a three-year contract with LOWA for maintenance services. LOWA reserves the right to reject all proposals. LOWA also reserves the right to negotiate any of the terms with the CONTRACTOR.
  1. Goal
LOWA desires to contract out all needs for maintaining the 18-hole LOWGC to a professional and proven industry firm that submits a proposal demonstrating best value a combination of price, experience, and qualifications to LOWA for the golf enjoyment of LOWA members and their guests.  LOWA intends to issue a three-year contract with two, one-year renewal options.   The first contract year will begin on May 1, 2022. LOWA management will review and rate the CONTRACTOR performance at six months after contract award, and again on each anniversary date of the contract award.
If services are deemed to be inadequate after the anniversary review, LOWA management will give the CONTRACTOR the issues in writing with an opportunity to provide a corrective course of action.  The CONTRACTOR shall respond in writing with a corrective plan within seven days of the notice. LOWA reserves the right to cancel the remaining balance of the term of the contract with a 30-day written notice if the CONTRACTOR fails to rectify the issues. (See Contract Addendum at Attachment 2 in Section VI)
  1. Background
The current LOWGC is deemed to be in above average to excellent condition as currently maintained by International Golf Maintenance (IGM)since 2005. In fact, LOWGC was voted to be the “Best in the Burg” Golf Course (Fredericksburg area) in 2020. The LOWGC is an 18-hole golf course, approximately 6,554yards, par 71 facility. The course is located in the watershed of two community-owned lakes: Main Lake (500 acres) and Keatons Lake (26 acres).  The physical address is 108 Fairway Drive, Locust Grove, VA 22508, and the PGA Golf Professional is Jack Diehl­­­­­­­­.
Weather permitting the course is open year-round with the exception of Christmas Day.  Golf course maintenance is comprehensive and performed year-round to keep the course in top playing condition. 
The golf course maintenance facility includes office, break room, and shop area. All facility utilities are paid by LOWA.  Unlimited water is supplied to the irrigation system from the Main Lake. The LOWGC maintenance equipment is owned and maintained by LOWA with an experienced community staffed technician.  In addition, LOWA maintains a replacement reserve for continuous golf course and equipment requirements. (See Attachment 3 in Section VI.)
The picturesque 18-hole PGA course was carved into the woods of oaks and pines, and no two fairways adjoin. The Par --71 course, with five sets of tees for each hole, is designed with a variety of slopes, sand, and water, and can accommodate all levels of play. Adults and children alike enjoy testing their skills on the fairways and greens. The Front Nine has a unique set of tees, called Family Tees, that represent a Par 3 Golf course with yardages that are the same as the Augusta, GA famous Master’s Par 3 course. Scorecards for this Par 3 course are available in the Pro Shop. Golf course maintenance is comprehensive and performed year-round to keep the course in top playing condition.
LOWA regards environmental stewardship as a high priority and thus we seek responsible turf management practices in accordance with state regulations. LOWA participates in the Virginia Nutrient Program.  Additionally, LOWA desires to seek Audubon Society certification by May 2023.
Tees Par Course Rating Slope Distance
Black 71 72.6 132 6554
White 71 70.7 130 6190
Gold 71 67.6 121 5491
Silver 71 65.9 119               5142
Green              71                           62.9                             112                     4217
Tees Par Course Rating Slope Distance
White 72 76.3 138 6143
Gold 72 71.9 126 5471
Silver 72 70.3 123 5142
Green              72                           65                                116                       4217                   
II Proposal Submittal Requirements
  1. Point of Contact
Respondents for interested firms are to address all questions to:
Phillip L. Rodenberg, General Manager
Lake of the Woods Association, Inc.
102 Lakeview Parkway, Locust Grove, VA 22508
  1. Site Inspections
A pre-proposal site inspection is mandatory.  Prospective bidders may view the course by appointment with GM Phil Rodenberg, between the dates of November 8 – November 17, 2021.  Call 540-972-2214 to schedule an appointment.
  1. Submittal Information
Prospective firms must submit their proposals no later than 2:00 p.m. local time on January 7, 2022, to the General Manager’s (GM) Office, Lake of the Woods Association, Inc., 102 Lakeview Parkway, Locust Grove, Virginia 22508.   Qualifying firms must prove their ability to attain a Virginia state business license by the time of contract start date if not currently licensed. All proposals must include company name, address, point of contact assigned to LOWA, names of officers of the company, and emergency numbers for responsible individuals in the organization.  Evaluation of each bid will be conducted by LOWA staff with the assistance of a working group of appointees from LOWA committees. Recommendations will be made to the LOWA Board of Directors for final approval in February 2022.
  1. Submittal Deliverables and Conditions
All submissions shall be considered confidential. The prospective bidders are required to provide the following:
  1. A Comprehensive Proposal that includes a detailed list of all agronomic practices and preferred methods used for high-end turf maintenance, including but not limited, to spray programs, mowing schedules, and aeration.
  2. A Maintenance Plan consistent with industry standards, the Virginia Nutrient Program and all requirements listed within this RFP.
  3. Confirmation that the CONTRACTOR will agree to sign LOWA contract addendum (attached) and provide a certificate of insurance with LOWA as additional insured upon acceptance of bid.
INSURANCE COVERAGE:  The Contractor shall maintain throughout the contract an insurance policy for liability and property damage, with the Lake of the Woods Association named as an additional insured, in the amount of $5,000,000 or with coverage amounts as required by law, whichever is greater.  The contractor must have pollution coverage included in liability policy.  The contractor may purchase umbrella insurance to provide the required coverage.
Employee Insurance: The Contractor shall maintain all appropriate employee and workers compensation insurance of $1,000,000/$1,000,000/$1,000,000 or as required by law, whichever is greater.
4. A resume and list of qualifications, training, years of experience and schooling for all on site management personnel proposed.  LOWA requires a full-time onsite Superintendent. 
5. List of all personnel positions and head counts that will be necessary for efficient coverage of the LOWGC as described in Section III.
  1. Proposal Content
The proposal shall be divided into a Technical Proposal and a Cost Proposal to include:
  1. Technical Proposal
    1. Letter of interest signed by a firm principal
    2. Overview and experience of firm
    3. Management approach to include policies and procedures
    4. Examples of two similar management contracts.
    5. List of proposed organizational structure resumes of advisors.
    6. All equipment & materials/other discounts available to LOWA
    7. Client references
    8. Any other information that would help LOWA understand your firms competitive advantage over other firms. 
    9. Any exceptions contractor wishes to take from the Section 3 Technical Requirements.
    10. Ten (10) hard copies and one (1) electronic copy of the technical proposal
  1. Cost Proposal – Delivered in a sealed envelope with one (1) hard copy and an electronic copy formatted per the Cost Proposal Summary and Worksheet provided with the RFP.  (Attachment 4 in Section VI.)
  1. Costs broken down by each year of the contract including option years, and by cost component. (Personnel, materials, other) based on contract line item sample provided with the RFP.
  2. Cost proposal must include complete materials list.
c.   Alternate #1: Cost proposal for resolving perennial bare spot on 5th Fairway at  100-yard marker. 
  1. Addendums or Changes
Any addendums to the RFP will be shared directly with the interested proposers by        e-mail and posted on www.Lowa.org.
LOWA reserves the right to waive informalities in accepting proposal submittals.
III Technical Requirements
  1. Personnel
LOWA requires a full time, on-site, qualified golf course superintendent available 24-hours a day with certifiable references of successful turf management. The superintendent will be considered a Key Person in the contract, subject to approval by LOWA within 30 days of award of contact. If the superintendent departs before the end of the contract, the replacement superintendent must be of comparable qualifications and acceptable to the Association. 
At least one CONTRACTOR staff member must possess a Virginia State Pesticide Applicators License within 60 days of acceptance of contract.  All Commonwealth of Virginia and United States laws apply and must be always followed.  The CONTRACTOR must complete background checks on all personnel that are hired to work on LOWA property.  A copy of each staff member’s background check will be provided to LOWA before the employee may enter the Lake of the Woods property for employment purposes.
Responsibilities of the management personnel include the following:
1. Nutrient Management Plan and Lakes Management
The CONTRACTOR will be required to maintain the LOWA Nutrient Management Plan (See Attachment 5 in Section IV).  LOWGC lies within the watersheds of the Lake of the Woods Main Lake and Keatons Lake. These lakes are nutrient rich; classified as middle Mesotrophic (Main Lake), and middle Eutrophic (Keatons Lake), on the Carlson Trophic State Index. Excessive nutrient runoff (Phosphorous, Nitrogen, etc.) contribute to algae blooms and diminished water clarity. LOWA exerts a great deal of effort, time, and funds, annually, to Lakes Management water quality improvement, including stream restoration project on the LOWGC. Golf Course fertilization must follow guidelines in the Lake of the Woods Golf Course Nutrient Management Plan. Phosphorous-free fertilizers must be used, except when soil fertility tests indicate phosphorous is needed. 
2. Reports/Record Keeping/Inspections
-Present monthly written reports to the GM on golf course conditions and applications made. 
-Maintain detailed daily recordkeeping/Management/Shop/Maintenance logs.
-Record daily crew activities.
-Record water usage totals for irrigation.
-Record all fertilizer applications.
-Record all chemical applications in accordance with Virginia Law.
-Record all agronomic practices including aerification, verti-cutting, and over-seeding.
-Keep track of landscape projects (type of plants, quantity, size, location).
-Visual inspection of 9 greens daily for potential disease and insect damage.
-Inspect 9 greens daily for quality cut and consistency.
-Inspect tees, fairways, and rough for pest problems and quality of cut bi-weekly.
-Inspect irrigation daily for leaks or broken heads.
-Inspect quality of work and detail (ex., cup changing), trap raking, trash pickup, and detail mowing to accomplish good definition.
-Inspect greens for speed, consistency, hole placement, clippings, report to GM monthly.
-Notify in writing to the Pro Shop of any concerns or potential disruptions to play including frost delays to ensure proper maintenance flow and member satisfaction. 
-Notify LOWA Facilities Manager of any concerns and issues with cart path.
3. Meetings, When Necessary
-Meet with GM at least twice a month and the Facilities Director by request to review.  (Attachment 6 in Section VI.)
-Attend/participate in LOWA Golf Committee meetings monthly.
-Work with designated LOWA Golf Committee member(s), PGA Golf Pro Jack Diehl and GM Phil Rodenberg to produce monthly Performance Appraisal Report (PAR) report ratings of the condition of the golf course.
-Attend LOWA Board of Directors meetings as requested.
-Communicate with LOWA management in off hours when necessary.
4. Other
-Maintain Equipment Shop -Swept weekly, clean surrounding yard 2 times/year, clean internally 2 times/year (includes ceiling, every crack and crevice, etc.)
-Always maintain office/workplace in a neat and orderly manner.
-Request and submit for all permits. Provide all the information, fill out forms and submit.
-Order all necessary supplies/tools that are needed to run daily operation (ex: cups, pins, flags, rope, sand, chemical, fertilizer, parts, office supplies and forms)
-Interview, hire and train all new staff so that they comply with LOWA policies and procedures.
-Counsel employees when policies and procedures are violated.
-Provide ongoing education in environmental, workplace safety and overall safety measures.
-Train employees in proper golf course etiquette
-Wash equipment thoroughly daily.
-Address issues such as, but not limited to, daily maintenance procedures, daily play, environmental issues, daily climatic conditions, course conditions.
-Provide personnel with safety equipment, including personal protective equipment
  1. General Golf Club Maintenance Requirements
LOWA requires the following to maintain the golf course maintenance operations:
1. General Turf
-All height of cut to continue as presently maintained unless notified by GM.
-Sustain weed free healthy turf stand in all areas with focused efforts on improving hardpan and thin turf areas.
-Maintain green, tee, and fairway areas to industry standards.
-All turf maintenance is to include all necessary herbicide, fungicide, and fertilizer applications.
- CONTRACTOR must practice Integrated Pest Management standards.
- CONTRACTOR is expected to pursue/continue efforts with national organizations for environmental stewardship/certifications.
-CONTRACTOR agrees the scope of maintenance responsibilities are from out of bounds stakes to out of bounds stakes.
-CONTRACTOR agrees to keep golf course free of leaf accumulation, particularly in the Fall months.
2. Greens
-Greens will be groomed for consistency throughout the course. Greens will have a healthy turf cover for playability. Greens will always have good color. Free from grain and have a healthy root system.
 -LOWA desires consistent stimp-meter speeds of 9-10’ in season and 7-8’ off-season. -Mowing heights are flexible based on product provided.
-Mow greens daily in season, roll 6 times per year. 
-Take all precautionary and proactive measures to sustain high-end greens conditions throughout the year with minimal disruption to play unless necessary.
-Change cups daily, putting green cups changed 4-5 days per week or as needed to avoid traffic wear.
-Preventative fungicide sprays every 2 weeks March - October.
-Foliar nutrients every 2 weeks in same months.
-Weekly growth regulator applications in same months.
-Granular fertilizer at spring and fall aerification.
- Verticut greens 2-3 times per year.
- Topdressing greens 1 time per month in season.
3. Tees/collars/approaches
- These areas must always have a healthy, weed free teeing ground that can support daily play. Divots filled on a regular weekly basis. Tee markers moved daily to distribute wear. They should be well drained. Good definition between the rough and teeing ground should be visible.
-Mow 2-3 times per week in season, as needed off-season to sustain same conditions.  Double mow collars as needed in season.
-Preventative spray program, growth regulation, fungicides.
-4 tons/acre of fertilizer on all Bermuda for each month of season.
-One preventative insecticide application.
-Growth regulators, 5 applications.
-Topdressing sand as needed to perform annual aeration schedules. Verticut, aerify, and topdress tees at least once per year
4. Fairways
-Fairways will have good definition between the rough and fairway providing a consistent playing surface from hole to hole. Fairways will have good color and strong roots. The golf ball should sit on top and not nestle down to provide undesirable lies.
-Fairways should be pest free 95% of the time.  Mowing height are .425 -.650, and .60 during the growing season.
-Fairways will be mowed with an alternative striping pattern a minimum of 1 to 3 times per week in season (3 times per week until growth is regulated), as needed off-season to sustain same conditions. 
-Fairways are to be core aerated annually supported by solid tine process twice per year.
-Hardpan fairway areas are to be aerated as needed to relieve compaction.
-Preventative spray program, growth regulation, fungicides.
-4 tons of fertilizer on all Bermuda for each month of season.
-One preventative insecticide application.
-Growth regulators, 4 applications. 
5. Rough
-Mow all rough 1-2 times weekly in season to sustain low height request, and as needed off-season to sustain same conditions. 
 - Mow green surrounds 1-2 times per week.
-Green/tee/bunker banks are to be mowed in alternating stripe pattern two to three times per week as needed.
 - Aerification of rough 1 time per year. 
-Pre-emergent entire course in spring, fall.
-Spring Roundup cleanup. Post emergent sprays as needed.
-Wall to wall fungicide for Spring Dead Spot in fall.
6. Sand Bunkers (Better Billy Bunkers)
-Bunkers are to be raked with a bunker rake as follows: Peak (May-October) 3 times per week, Off-Peak (November – April) as needed for a consistent playability 7 days per week when weather allows. 
-Bunkers are to be edged twice per month or as needed to sustain consistent bunker edges so no runners are visible at any time. Sand should be faced every month.
- LOWA desires the roller method of maintained bunker borders versus tooth rakes, to reduce washout and to promote ball roll to the level areas of the bunker. 
7. Landscaping
-Fertilize landscape 1time/year
-Maintain 18 existing tee area landscape beds that offer positive aesthetic appearance.
-Maintain all Woods Center/Golf Clubhouse landscaping and surrounding areas to a high-end quality to include weekly preventative edging, putting green area maintenance, entrance signs (2), immediate drives and walks, and attractive landscaping.
-Maintain Woods Center Parking lot area and surrounds.
-Maintain an attractive well-kept area along Fairway Drive/front entrance/No. 1 tee area  
- Spend winter months trimming shrubs and trees in areas designated by GM.
-Mulch all beds twice annually, spray herbicide preventatively to avoid invasive weeds.
-Any fallen limbs/landscape on course or borders is to be removed immediately.
8. Trees, Shrubs and Flower Beds and Other Incidental Items
The CONTRACTOR will be responsible for maintaining all incidental vegetation within the turf corridors on the golf course and any Lake of the Woods Property associated with the golf course.  White stakes designate property boundaries. The CONTRACTOR will submit a detailed proposal to LOWA as to how many hours and number of personnel will be dedicated to this task. Items that are included but are not limited to pruning, irrigation for newly planted trees, removal of dead vegetation such as trees, shrubs, and stumps, weed control in these areas and mulching.  The CONTRACTOR will also be responsible to daily removal of litter and twice weekly draining, cleaning, and filling of ball washer units.  The CONTRACTOR will maintain the flower bed beauty spots at each hole on the course.
9. Cart Paths
-Cart paths are to be edged 2 times per year.
-Cart paths are to be blown off as needed.
-Root pruning 2 times per year.  
10. Fixtures
-All fixtures (benches, signage, ball washers, water coolers, flags) are to be always maintained in excellent condition.
-Paint signage, ball washers, cooler stands 1 time/year.
-Change course flags 2 times/year.
-Replace cup liners 3 times/year.
-Replace cups annually.
- CONTRACTOR will supply all flagsticks, flags, cups, and tee markers.
-Paint cup liners for LOWA sponsored tournaments
11. Agronomy
-Consistent Planet Air (slit) cutting and spiking of greens, tees, collars, and approaches to remove thatch and open canopy is required.
a. Greens:
(1) Two core aerifications annually supported by ongoing solid needle tine as needed. Spring greens are commercially drilled and filled, Late Summer aerated and top dressed.
(2) Vertical cutting/dethatching, spiking as necessary. - 9 holes weekly (May -Sept).
b. Tees:
(1) Core aerification annually, solid tine quarterly.
(2) Vertical cutting monthly.
c. Fairways and Rough – (Combination of core and solid needle tine aerification)
(1) Fairways: Core aeration annually, solid tine twice annually.
(2) Rough:  Core aeration annually, solid tine annually.
12. Top Dressing
Greens- In addition to aerification, light topdressing applications are required one to two times per month or more if needed.
  1. Irrigation System
The irrigation system is Rainbird Stratus 2 with Freedom, double row system with a total of 753 irrigation heads installed in 2014.  The CONTRACTOR will be responsible for repair and maintenance of the irrigation system in conformance with the manufacturer's recommendations. LOWA will reimburse the CONTRACTOR for all parts associated with repairs at cost. A copy of the invoice and any rebates or discounts associated with parts purchases will be provided to LOWA.  (See Attachment 7 in Section VI.)
The CONTRACTOR shall preventatively maintain the irrigation pump station as required by manufacturers standards.  The CONTRACTOR’S qualified technician will test equipment and check heads for rotation and adjustment monthly.  In addition, the CONTRACTOR shall be responsible for the following:
  • Troubleshoot and repair wiring problems.
  • Repair all basic leaks as needed within the contract terms.
  • Maintain consistently edged sprinkler heads and valve boxes.
  • Drain and pneumatically blow out the irrigation system, reactivate system and booster pumps; report repairs necessary.
The CONTRACTOR will not, however, be responsible for the cost of water or the electric power regarding the irrigation system. The CONTRACTOR will be responsible for negligence in operation of the irrigation system by its personnel and damage caused by the operation of maintenance equipment and must ensure that all control boxes and pump houses are locked and secure.
The CONTRACTOR’S personnel must have a strong working knowledge of the operation of the automatic pumps and associated computer operating system. 
The CONTRACTOR shall provide on-going maintenance to the system as required to keep the system fully operational. The CONTRACTOR will be responsible for raising and leveling of all sprinklers and valve boxes in the spring and on an ongoing basis to insure proper operation, safety, and sprinkler distribution. The CONTRACTOR shall test the operation of the irrigation system. Sprinklers and valves shall be reviewed with the GM on a bi-annual basis to ensure proper operation. Repairs to the system shall be made promptly and without delay. Major problems with the irrigation system shall be discussed with the GM before repairs are undertaken. The CONTRACTOR will supply and replace broken valve boxes and sprinklers promptly and bill to the association.
A final inspection of all irrigation system components prior to the termination of the contract will be made to ensure that all equipment is fully operational. Any irrigation equipment needing repair that is non-functional must be repaired and/or replaced prior to end of contract period. 
IV. Decision Factors
LOWA will award the contract to the successful firm who demonstrates the best value to the Association. Decision factors are:
  1. Demonstrated experience with similar contracts- 20%
  2. Technical approach- 40%
  3. Affordability of cost- 40%
V. Schedule
RFP Issue Date:                                                        November 1, 2021
REQUIRED On-Site Tours (By appointment)             November 8-November 17, 2021
Due Date for submitting questions/Notice of intent       December 10, 2021
Emailing responses to questions                                 December 17, 2021
Due date of proposals                                                January 7, 2022, by 2 p.m.
Interviews                                                                 January 18-21, 2022
Award and notice to proceed                                      February 5, 2022
Contract start date                                                     May 1, 2022
VI. Attachments and Other Resources
  1. Map 
  2. Contract Addendum 
  3. Current maintenance fleet listing.  Notice: Fleet is owned and maintained by LOWA with community staffed technician. 
  4. Cost Proposal Summary and Worksheet Form 
  5. LOWA Nutrient Management Plan 
  6. Golf Performance Appraisal Report Form
  7. Irrigation blueprints. 
  8. Lake of the Woods Association web address:  WWW.LOWA.ORG