Referendum Results


Referendum Results
A Special Meeting of the Membership was convened on April 24 to vote on a petition initiated referendum which proposed amending the Declarations of Restrictions (the recorded Covenants) by adding the following language, as a new Section 12 (H):
The Board of Directors shall obtain majority approval (50%+1) of LOWA Members for expenditures of $500,000 or more for any new capital, replacement capital or improvement capital project.
The referendum did not get the required 2,129 votes to approve the amendment. Certification of all ballots and proxies cast for the referendum has been completed by and the number of votes to approve the referendum did not yield the required number to pass. The total participation was 60% of the 4,257 lots.  A total of 1,207 votes to approve were received, which is 922 votes less than the 2,129 required.
The final tally of the votes is as follows:
Total Ballots Cast:                              2,575.67 (60.5% of the total lots)
Approve:                                             1,207.42 (47.05%)
Disapprove:                                         1,358.75 (52.95%)
Ballot Cast Without a Vote:                       9.50 (These are reflected in total ballots cast)
Thank you to all of the members that participated in the referendum.