Board Letter to Membership


Lake of the Woods Association, Inc.
 102 Lakeview Parkway                                         
Locust Grove, Virginia  22508-5100
Telephone (540) 972-2237            
March 8, 2018
Dear Member,
You and your fellow members have received or will soon receive a proxy ballot for the $500,000 Expenditure Limit Referendum, which was initiated after LOWA received a petition of 805 valid signatures calling for a vote to amend our Declarations of Restrictions.  This language cannot be altered:
The Board of Directors shall obtain majority approval (50%+1) of LOWA Members for expenditures of $500,000 or more for any new capital, replacement capital or improvement capital project.”
At the March 3 Board meeting, the Board voted unanimously to oppose this amendment which requires 2,129 votes to be approved:
“I move the Board adopt a position opposing the referendum limiting expenditures to $500,000 without a referendum. The language requires a Membership vote to approve expending funds from reserve accounts, operating funds, insurance proceeds, Federal disaster relief, grants and gifts. The delay in waiting for the results from a vote of the Membership poses a real risk that LOWA would be unable to adequately address and rectify situations, even when LOWA is obligated to do so under the Declarations and Bylaws.”
The effect on the Association would be devastating:
  1. Scheduled and emergency repairs/replacements of large assets (Lakeview Parkway, lakes, dams, golf course, and swimming pools) must await “majority approval” which is 2,129 of all 4,257 lots. 
  2. Large emergency repairs must await majority approval even though we have millions in insurance coverage to responsibly handle the situation. If the Veterans Dam was damaged by a hurricane, can you imagine waiting for membership approval?
  3. The proposed limit may seem like a lot today, but it will be even more limiting as time goes on.
  4. Member participation in Board elections is 30 percent for the last five years. LOWA will have to plead with members to vote at the 50 percent level.
This is not a good way to run a successful large community! 
We asked the LOWA Attorneys to review the effect of the amendment, which they believe will compromise necessary maintenance and replacement. We are providing the opinion herein for all to read. (click here). 
We believe our annual election and budget processes provide members with plenty of opportunities to influence the decision-making of your Association. Thus, we urge you to return your proxy ballot with a “disapprove” vote. 
Please vote “NO”.

Leighton H. Cumming
LOWA President
Clifton D. Wilks                                 Bob Hoh                                              Jennifer Zukowski
Vice President                                    Treasurer                                             Secretary
Jeff Johnson                                        Carl Clawson                                      Tom Sheridan
Director                                              Director                                              Director