Board Candidate Applications


The LOWA community is fortunate to have a wealth of talent and skills among its members. Perhaps you are already serving on one of our committees and giving us the advantage of your experience and expertise in this way. You are encouraged to consider extending your involvement by becoming a candidate for the LOWA Board of Directors. You will enjoy the satisfaction of addressing and solving the issues and challenges that exist in a community as large and diverse as Lake of the Woods.
We have one vacancy with 1-year unexpired and two vacancies with 3-year terms to fill this year, so we are seeking a minimum of five candidates to run for the three vacancies. To be qualified, candidates must meet the requirements of LOWA bylaws; article V.1., which states “shall be a member in good standing, elected by the Members in good standing.  A Director shall not have a conflict of interest as defined by the Virginia Nonstock Corporation Act, and, before election, shall sign a statement attesting that he/she has not been convicted of a felony.”  A member in good standing is evidenced by having a name on the deed, deed of gift, or other qualified conveyance or distribution as recorded in the Orange County Courthouse; and by being current in all LOWA finances. 
The deadline for submitting applications is 4 PM on April 30. The official application can be downloaded from our website,, or obtained as a hard copy at the Members Services in the lower level of the Holcomb Building. Completed applications should be submitted in hard copy to the General Manager’s office. 
Those interested in seeking a seat on the Board by petition will need to use the standard LOWA petition which is available on the LOWA website or in hard copy from the Members Services in the lower level of the Holcomb Building. This petition, signed by at least 250 voting members who are eligible to vote in the election (one signature per lot) must be submitted to the General Manager’s office together with the application by 4 PM on May 15.
The nominating committee is available to answer questions from applicants.    
Candidates will be interviewed by the Nominating Committee during May and the committee will give a list of the candidates to the board no later than May 31. The board will announce the names of the nominees at the June 6 board meeting.